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Korean Baby Names

Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
Jung-HwaKoreanComposed of elements meaning "right..
Kang-DaeKoreanComposed of elements meaning "stron..
Kwang-SunKoreanWide goodness
KyubokKoreanComposed from elements meaning "sta..
KyubongKoreanComposed from elements meaning "sta..
Kyung-SoonKoreanComposed of elements meaning "honor..
Man-ShikKoreanDeeply rooted
Man-YoungKoreanTen thousand years of prosperity
Mee-KyongKoreanComposed of elements meaning "beaut..
Mee-YonKoreanComposed of characters meaning "bea..
Mi-ChaKoreanBeautiful girl
Mi-HiKoreanBeautiful joy
Mi-OkKoreanBeautiful pearl
Mun-HeeKoreanComposed of elements meaning "liter..
Mun-HeeKoreanComposed of elements meaning "liter..
Myung-DaeKoreanRight and great
Myung-HeeKoreanBright girl
Myung-KiKoreanComposed from elements meaning "bri..
Myung-OkKoreanBright pearl
Nam-KyuKoreanComposed of elements meaning "south..
Sang-OokKoreanAlways well
ShinKoreanFaith, belief, trust
Shin-IlKoreanComposed of characters meaning "bel..
Sook-JooKoreanComposed from characters meaning "p..
Soon-BokKoreanGentle and blessed
Suck-ChinKoreanUnshakable rock
Sun-HiKoreanObedience and joy
Won-ShikKoreanHead of the root. The name is borne..
Yong-SunKoreanComposed of elements meaning "brave..
YoungKoreanComposed from a character meaning "..
Young-IlKoreanSuperiority forever
Young-JaKoreanComposed from elements meaning "eve..
Young-JaeKoreanEver prosperous
Young-NamKoreanComposed of elements meaning "ever,..
Young-SooKoreanKeeping prosperity

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