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My Favorite Names
Name Origin Meaning Rating Delete
AshlynEnglishMeaning "ash tree pool."Delete This Name
EmmalineFrenchA variation on Emily, which means..Delete This Name
EmmaFrenchVariant of the Germanic Erma, a nam..Delete This Name
FayeFrenchMeaning "fairy" or "elf." Actress F..Delete This Name
HeatherEnglishA name borrowed from the plant, com..Delete This Name
JoelleFrenchFeminine form of Joel, which, via t..Delete This Name
JolieFrenchMeaning "pretty." Among notables wi..Delete This Name
JordaneFrenchFeminine form of Jordan, a borrowin..Delete This Name
KatieEnglishA pet form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
KatherineEnglishCognate of the Greek Aikaterine, wh..Delete This Name
KathrynEnglishA form of Katherine, meaning "pur..Delete This Name
KaylynnAmericanModern coinage combining the names ..Delete This Name
LeeAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
LynetteEnglishOf several derivations. It is an En..Delete This Name
MarissaAmericanModern elaboration of Maria, form..Delete This Name
MoaniHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian moani (ge..Delete This Name
NicoleFrenchFeminine form of Nicolas, which is ..Delete This Name
NoelleFrenchFeminine form of Noel, an evolution..Delete This Name
BentleyEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
ColeAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
DanielFrenchDerived from the Hebrew dani'el (Go..Delete This Name
JakobGermanGerman cognate of Jacob, which is f..Delete This Name
JoshuaEnglishDerived from the Hebrew Yehosh..Delete This Name
KennethEnglishAnglicized form of the Gaelic Cinae..Delete This Name
KyleAmericanTransferred use of the Scottish sur..Delete This Name
LeeEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
MatthieuFrenchThe French cognate of Matthew, whic..Delete This Name
MarkAmericanEnglish cognate of Marcus. See M..Delete This Name
MichaelEnglishDerivative of the Hebrew mikha'el (..Delete This Name
RyanAmericanFrom the Irish surname O'Riain (des..Delete This Name
ThomasFrenchFrom the Ecclesiastic Greek Thomas,..Delete This Name
TimotheeFrenchFrom the Latin TimotKeus, a derivat..Delete This Name
DustinAmericanTransferred use of the surname, whi..Delete This Name
TalonAmericanDerived from talon (the sharp claw ..Delete This Name
ParadiseAmericanModern name derived from paradise (..Delete This Name
DestinyAmericanDerived from destiny (fate)Delete This Name
DakotaAmericanDerived from the Siouan word dakota..Delete This Name
TreasureAmericanDerived from treasure, which denote..Delete This Name
UnityAmericanDerived from unity (oneness, harmon..Delete This Name
HopeAmericanDerived from hope, which is derived..Delete This Name
HunterAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
HunterAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
RyanneIrishA name that means "little ruler," i..Delete This Name
GemmaFrenchA borrowing from the Italian, Gemma..Delete This Name
CallieAmericanA pet form of any of the names begi..Delete This Name
KalliopeMythology a..Compound name composed from the Gre..Delete This Name
KalebHebrewDerived from the Hebrew kdleb (dog)..Delete This Name
HalleyAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
AchavaHebrewFriendshipDelete This Name
MichioJapaneseMeaning "handsome, smart, and mascu..Delete This Name
EmmanuelleHebrewMeaning "God is with us." One famou..Delete This Name
ManojIndianA Sanskrit name that means "cupid."..Delete This Name
TatianaGreekA borrowing from the Russian, Tatia..Delete This Name
EhaweeNative Amer..She is laughing. SiouxDelete This Name
RagnarScandinavia..In common use since the Viking age,..Delete This Name
PosalaNative Amer..Farewell to spring flower. MiwokDelete This Name
IshaanHinduMeaning "the sun," Ishaan is also t..Delete This Name
DelphinFrenchFrom the Latin Delphinus (a dolphin..Delete This Name
AmaliaGreekDerives from the Latin amal, meanin..Delete This Name
AadiHinduDerived from the Sanskrit aadi (fir..Delete This Name
DinaRussianA short or pet form of various name..Delete This Name
AndrewBiblicalDerived from the Greek cmdreios (ma..Delete This Name
GeorgeWelshA borrowing from the English, Georg..Delete This Name
TitusBiblicalDerived from the Greek Titos, which..Delete This Name
EsmeFrenchDerived from esme (loved), the past..Delete This Name
AbigailBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew avigayil (f..Delete This Name
EtienneFrenchFrench cognate of Stephen, Etienne ..Delete This Name
NoeCzechMeaning "peaceful."Delete This Name
BrendaEnglishOf uncertain origin and meaning, Br..Delete This Name
DimaMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from dima (dow..Delete This Name
UlisseItalianItalian form of the Latin Ulysses, ..Delete This Name
LiborSlovakDerived from the Latin Liberius, wh..Delete This Name
KianaNative Amer..Meaning "concealed one." From the A..Delete This Name
TalulaNative Amer..Jumping water, leaping water. Choct..Delete This Name
ElenaRussianPopular name derived from the Greek..Delete This Name
AdanSpanishSpanish form of Adam, a name deri..Delete This Name
AigisthosGreekThe son of King Thyestes of the Myc..Delete This Name
K'eehabahNative Amer..From the Navajo. The name was borne..Delete This Name
LaylaMuslim/Arab..Old Arabic name derived from layla ..Delete This Name
GyasiGhanaianMeaning "a wonderful baby." Delete This Name
GabrielBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew gavhrl'el (..Delete This Name
'ainakeaHawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
CassiaEnglishAdopted from the cassia spice, a va..Delete This Name
SabriMuslim/Arab..Derived from sabr (patience, endura..Delete This Name
AdinHebrewBeautiful, pleasantDelete This Name
AislingIrishDerived from aisling (dream, vision..Delete This Name
HadassahHebrewHebrew name meaning "myrtle, a ..Delete This Name
IbrahimMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Hebrew Avraham (fa..Delete This Name
NicoGreekShort form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
JaroslavCzechTranslated literally, means "glory ..Delete This Name
AnaHawaiianHawaiian form of Anna, a Latinate..Delete This Name
AditiIndianMeaning "unbound." The mother of Hi..Delete This Name
AolaniHawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
MaysaMuslim/Arab..Derived from mayyas (to walk with a..Delete This Name
PaavanaHinduClean, pure, unsulliedDelete This Name
CarinaGermanDerived from the Latin carina (keel..Delete This Name
ArwaMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from arwa (fem..Delete This Name
JackieAfrican-Ame..A pet form of Jacqueline and its ..Delete This Name
CalandraAmericanCompound name composed from the Gre..Delete This Name
AdiaNigerianA name that means "a gift."Delete This Name
DawudMuslim/Arab..Dawud is the Arabic form of the Heb..Delete This Name
HezekiahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew hizqlyah (Y..Delete This Name
DellanaGermanMeaning "noble protector."Delete This Name
DevmaniHinduCompound name derived from the elem..Delete This Name
AntoniosGreekThe name of a Christian ascetic. Al..Delete This Name
AakashIndianMeaning "sky."Delete This Name
JanakiHinduDescendant of Janaka. It is a name ..Delete This Name
NkosazanaSouth Afric..Meaning "princess." Delete This Name
NwekeNigerianMeaning "born on market day." Chuba..Delete This Name
AzraelHebrewDerived from the Hebrew 'azra'el (h..Delete This Name
NoyaHebrewMeaning "ornament." Delete This Name
JulioSpanishSpanish form of Julius, an old Ro..Delete This Name
RahimHinduDerived from the Arabic ra/itm (com..Delete This Name
MargaritaRussianRussian form of Margaret, a cogna..Delete This Name
Ali'imaluHawaiianCompound name composed from the Haw..Delete This Name
RosamariaItalianPopular combination name combining ..Delete This Name
HabimanaRwandanMeaning "God exists." Kantano Habim..Delete This Name
KelbyAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
'abidMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'abid (server or worsh..Delete This Name
AmaniMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from amdrd (de..Delete This Name
CelesteFrenchDerived from celeste (celestial, he..Delete This Name
AhanuNative Amer..Meaning "he laughs" in Massachusett..Delete This Name
EstanislaoSpanishSpanish form of Stanislaus, a Slavo..Delete This Name
VivekHinduDerived from the Sanskrit vivek (wi..Delete This Name
AzariahBiblicalWhom Jehovah helps. The name is bor..Delete This Name
AkademosGreekThe ancient Attican hero. Delete This Name
BellaHungarianMeaning "noble" or "bright." U.S. C..Delete This Name
'afafMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic 'afaf (chas..Delete This Name
JelaniAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
DenaliNative Amer..Meaning "the great one" or "the hig..Delete This Name
AlastarIrishGaelic form of Alexander (defender ..Delete This Name
AbrialFrenchMeaning "open."Delete This Name
'alohilaniHawaiianCompound name composed from the ele..Delete This Name
MorganWelshModern form of Morcant, an ancient ..Delete This Name
AdinaSpanishDerived from the Hebrew Adah (orn..Delete This Name
ArturRumanianA form of the name Arthur, meaning ..Delete This Name
SigidiSouth Afric..Meaning "one thousand." Delete This Name
AbeliaFrenchA feminine form of Abel, which is d..Delete This Name
'ablaMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'abla, a word denoting..Delete This Name
'afifaMuslim/Arab..From 'afifa (chaste), which is from..Delete This Name
RltikaHinduMoving, flowing, runningDelete This Name
Hee-YoungKoreanComposed from characters meaning "p..Delete This Name
SalomeGreekEcclesiastic Greek name derived..Delete This Name
Len-LenChineseA name that denotes the bright, che..Delete This Name
AgataScandinavia..From the Greek Agathe, a derivati..Delete This Name
HideoJapaneseExcellent maleDelete This Name
TiivaNative Amer..Meaning "more than one dance; dance..Delete This Name
'azizaMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'aziza (esteemed, prec..Delete This Name
AkilahAfricanArabic name meaning "intelligent, o..Delete This Name
NawalMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from nawal (gi..Delete This Name
'a'ishaMuslim/Arab..One of the most popular names in th..Delete This Name
AfraMuslim/Arab..Arabic form of the Hebrew Ofra (you..Delete This Name
JonahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yonah (dove..Delete This Name
AnnaHebrewAnglicized form of the Hebrew Chaan..Delete This Name
AgasgaNative Amer..A Cherokee name that means "it is r..Delete This Name
DaylonAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
AyobunmiNigerianMeaning "joy is given to me."Delete This Name
JosiahEnglishFrom the Hebrew Yoshiya, whic..Delete This Name
'asimaMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'dsim (protector, guar..Delete This Name
IsokeNigerianMeaning "a satisfying gift from God..Delete This Name
DegatogaNative Amer..From a Cherokee phrase meaning "sta..Delete This Name
AntronAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage based on the name A..Delete This Name
ArjunHinduDerived from the Sanskrit arjuna (w..Delete This Name
EvaniHinduElaborated form of Eva (life). See ..Delete This Name
GeorgiRussianDerived from the Greek Georgios, a ..Delete This Name
AetiosGreekA name meaning "of or pertaining to..Delete This Name
AminaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic amina (peac..Delete This Name
'abd-AllahMuslim/Arab..Compound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
MwambaAfricanStrong, powerful. Nyakyusa, Tanzani..Delete This Name
MauriceAfrican-Ame..French name derived from the La..Delete This Name
HarithMuslim/Arab..Derived from haratha (to be a good ..Delete This Name
JamsheedPersianFrom old Persia signifying "From Pe..Delete This Name
RyutaroJapaneseMeaning "strong, masculine dragon."..Delete This Name
AymanMuslim/Arab..Derived from ayman (blessed, fortun..Delete This Name
CaffarIrishAnglicized form of Cathbharr (helme..Delete This Name
AdoniaSpanishMeaning "beautiful." A feminine for..Delete This Name
Aleekchea'ahooshNative Amer..Many achievements. Crow,Delete This Name
TecaHungarianA form of Theresa, which means "r..Delete This Name
ImanMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic iman (faith..Delete This Name
AcianoSpanishBorrowed from the name of the blue ..Delete This Name
KaponiananiHawaiianCompound name meaning "beautiful an..Delete This Name
InasMuslim/Arab..Derived from inas (sociability)Delete This Name
MariaGreekLatinate form of Mary, which is der..Delete This Name
AkuaGhanaianMeaning "born on Wednesday." Delete This Name
MunirMuslim/Arab..Derived from munTir (luminous, shin..Delete This Name
SalaIndianMeaning "sala tree," the sacred tre..Delete This Name
SaphiraHebrewSapphireDelete This Name
LucianaItalianElaboration of Lucia (light). See ..Delete This Name
AananHinduFace, countenanceDelete This Name
JoaquinSpanishDerived from the Hebrew Jehoiakim, ..Delete This Name
ZaynabMuslim/Arab..Very popular name derived from the ..Delete This Name
AbomazineNative Amer..Keeper of the ceremonial fire. Abna..Delete This Name
ShafiraAfricanMeaning "defined." Delete This Name
BarakHebrewLightning, a flash of light. The na..Delete This Name
BelaHinduDirectly derived from a word with s..Delete This Name
ApolloMythology a..Derived from Apollon, an ancient ..Delete This Name
HudaMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from huda (rig..Delete This Name
ElektraGreekA name meaning "the shining one," E..Delete This Name
VincentAmericanFrench form of the Late Latin Vince..Delete This Name
ArturoSpanishSpanish cognate of Arthur, a name..Delete This Name
RaphaelMythology a..Derived from the Hebrew fefd'el (Go..Delete This Name
AubreyGermanThis name means "noble" or "bearlik..Delete This Name
BookerEnglishMeaning "bookmaker," "book lover," ..Delete This Name
Isma'ilMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Hebrew yishma'el (..Delete This Name
TysonFrenchMeaning "son of the German." Superm..Delete This Name
PhaidraMythology a..Greek name said to mean "bright..Delete This Name
GuinevereMythology a..Derived from the Welsh Gwenhwyfar (..Delete This Name
AdiaAfricanA gift from God, a present from God..Delete This Name
MariaPolishLatin form of Mary, which is derive..Delete This Name
AngeloGreekDerived from angelos (messenger). I..Delete This Name
RadaRumanianA happy name that means "joy." Delete This Name
MarinosGreekDerived from the Latin marinus (of ..Delete This Name
ZereshBiblicalGold, splendor. Zeresh was the wife..Delete This Name
JacquelineFrenchFeminine form of Jacques, which is ..Delete This Name
CongChineseIntelligent, smart,Delete This Name
BettyHebrewA short form of Elizabeth, which ..Delete This Name
Ke'alaHawaiianMeaning "fragrant." Delete This Name
MonaGreekDerived from the Greek mono (single..Delete This Name
KateIrishA pet form of Katherine, Kate is al..Delete This Name
ShaniqueAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
KarolPolishPolish cognate of Charles, which is..Delete This Name
MandeepIndianMeaning "mind full of light" or "li..Delete This Name
AkikoJapaneseMeaning "bright light." Among the n..Delete This Name
AnneFrenchCognate of the Hebrew Hannah (graci..Delete This Name
VedaIndianMeaning "wise" or "to know." The fo..Delete This Name
LukaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Luke, a Midd..Delete This Name
AzharMuslim/Arab..From the Arabic zahr (blossoms, flo..Delete This Name
VasiliRussianDerived from the Greek Basileois (k..Delete This Name
KaelaHebrewA name that signifies "beloved swee..Delete This Name
ChandniHinduMoonlight. Derived from candra (the..Delete This Name
LeilaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic leila (dark..Delete This Name
SharanIndianMeaning "surrender."Delete This Name
RayyaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic rayya (sate..Delete This Name
RuchikaHinduBeautiful, attractive, lovelyDelete This Name
KaliHinduDerived from the Sanskrit kali (the..Delete This Name
UukaSouth Afric..Meaning "arise." Delete This Name
NjeriKenyanMeaning "daughter of a warrior." Delete This Name
MicahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew mikhayah (w..Delete This Name
AndrewEnglishEnglish cognate of the Greek Andrea..Delete This Name
GiselaScandinavia..Dutch cognate of the Germanic Gisel..Delete This Name
LaniHawaiianDerived from the popular Hawaiian w..Delete This Name
JoelBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yoel (Jehov..Delete This Name
ShaningoNative Amer..Beautiful one. AlgonquianDelete This Name
AlexisAmericanDerived from the Greek alexein (to ..Delete This Name
DevaIndianMeaning "divine" or "male god." Delete This Name
TimothyBiblicalDerived from the Greek time (honor,..Delete This Name
AlmaSpanishDerived from the Spanish alma (soul..Delete This Name
ShalevHebrewPeaceful, calm, quietDelete This Name
PriyaHinduPopular name derived from the Sansk..Delete This Name
HarshalHinduJoyful, happy. From the Sanskrit ha..Delete This Name
SamyaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic sami (eleva..Delete This Name
EilisIrishGaelic form of Elizabeth (God is my..Delete This Name
AlmiraMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from the Arabi..Delete This Name
AylaHebrewWhich means "oak tree."Delete This Name
PrabhatHinduDerived from prabha (light), Prabha..Delete This Name
ApoloniaSpanishFeminine form of Apolonio (of Apoll..Delete This Name
LopakaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Robert (brig..Delete This Name
OdranIrishMeaning "pale green one." Derived p..Delete This Name
AtiyaMuslim/Arab..Popular name meaning "gift."Delete This Name
TaidhginIrishDiminutive form of Tadhg (poet, phi..Delete This Name
CedricEnglishAn invention of Sir Walter Scott (1..Delete This Name
MarwaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic marvoa (a f..Delete This Name
AlkaPolishA pet form of Adelajda (noble one),..Delete This Name
MillilaniHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian mililani ..Delete This Name
DamanIrishIrish form of Damien (tame), which ..Delete This Name
KaterinaSlovakCzech cognate of the Greek Aik..Delete This Name
AaronBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew aharan (the..Delete This Name
TikiMythology a..Maori and Marquesan name borne in P..Delete This Name
AspasiaGreekDerived from aspasia (welcome). The..Delete This Name
FadilMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from fad.il (g..Delete This Name
LuChineseMeaning "high status; law; rule; di..Delete This Name
CheveyoNative Amer..A Hopi name that means "spirit warr..Delete This Name
Sa'adyaHebrewSa'adya Gaon was a famous and rever..Delete This Name
AmishaHinduPopular name meaning "honest, forth..Delete This Name
RivaHebrewDelete This Name
BarakBiblicalLightning. Barak was the son of Abi..Delete This Name
HuyanaNative Amer..Falling rain. MiwokDelete This Name
MarmadukeEnglishA name of uncertain etymology, Mar-..Delete This Name
LaviniaEnglishBorne in Roman mythology by the dau..Delete This Name
JulianaEnglishCommon throughout Europe, Juliana i..Delete This Name
PrakashHinduDerived from the Sanskrit prakasa (..Delete This Name
AjayIndianMeaning "invincible." Delete This Name
SurajHinduCombining of the prefix su- (good) ..Delete This Name
ManalMuslim/Arab..Popular name bestowed upon both mal..Delete This Name
BalderNorwegianThis is the name of the Norse god o..Delete This Name
DawnAmericanDerived from dawn, which is from th..Delete This Name
AcestesMythology a..From Greek mythology, Acestes is a ..Delete This Name
JaredGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Yered, ..Delete This Name
KapuaHawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
AndreAfrican-Ame..French form of Andrew, a name..Delete This Name
AmarisHebrewMeaning "promised by God."Delete This Name
YogeshIndianMeaning "chief ascetic." Another na..Delete This Name
RashadMuslim/Arab..Derived from rashad (good judgment)..Delete This Name
AlejandroSpanishPopular Spanish form of Alexander..Delete This Name
AlineFrenchContracted form of Adeline, which i..Delete This Name
DavidBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew david (belo..Delete This Name
JedidahBiblicalHebrew name meaning "beloved." ..Delete This Name
LinaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic Una (a palm..Delete This Name
Young-SoonKoreanComposed of elements meaning "flowe..Delete This Name
AmalMuslim/Arab..Bestowed upon both males and female..Delete This Name
MasahiroJapaneseComposed from elements meaning "str..Delete This Name
BotanJapaneseBorrowed from the name of the peony..Delete This Name
LisaHebrewActress Lisa Bonet was one of Cosby..Delete This Name
RamiHebrewA name that means "my exalted one."..Delete This Name
NoorHinduFrom the Arabic nit (light), which ..Delete This Name
IndiaEnglishTaken from the name of the subconti..Delete This Name
KaamileeHinduFull of desireDelete This Name
SionWelshPopular Welsh cognate of John (God ..Delete This Name
Sana'Muslim/Arab..Popular name derived from the Arabi..Delete This Name
KoreGreekPopular name derived from kore (mai..Delete This Name
KamyaUgandanMeaning "born after twin brothers."..Delete This Name
MahaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic maha (wild ..Delete This Name
AntheiaGreekDerived from antheios (flowery). Th..Delete This Name
La'akeaHawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
AaronSpanishDerived from the Hebrew aharan (the..Delete This Name
MarianaSlovakFeminine form of Marian, which is..Delete This Name
AnaisHebrewMeaning "gracious." Among notable p..Delete This Name
SummerEnglishSignifying the season. Olympic cham..Delete This Name
JayashreeHinduCompound name composed of the Sansk..Delete This Name
CameronAmericanTransferred use of the Scottish sur..Delete This Name
ElliotAmericanTransferred use of the surname that..Delete This Name
EstephaniaPortugueseFeminine form of Estevao, the Portu..Delete This Name
AmalieFrenchFrom the Germanic Amalia, a name de..Delete This Name
KalikauPolynesianAthletic, powerful, robustDelete This Name
NahidPersianThe Persian name for Venus, the god..Delete This Name
AlonaHebrewOak, an oak treeDelete This Name
KiaraIrishMeaning "little and dark," it is a ..Delete This Name
NiaIrishA familiar form of Neila, meaning..Delete This Name
AnneIrishBorrowed from the French, Anne is a..Delete This Name
KaeoHawaiian"The victorious." Delete This Name
AbayomiNigerianA name that suggests a "pleasant me..Delete This Name
AmiraMuslim/Arab..Feminine form of Amir, which is der..Delete This Name
NolanIrishTransferred use of the surname, whi..Delete This Name
NadiraHinduA borrowing from the Arabic, Nadira..Delete This Name
Isra'Muslim/Arab..Derived from isra' (nocturnal journ..Delete This Name
KasemThaiMeaning "well-being." Delete This Name
AaronEnglishDerived from the Hebrew aharon ..Delete This Name
ChaitanyaHinduConsciousness. The name was borne b..Delete This Name
LanSoutheast A..Vietnamese name borrowed from that ..Delete This Name
AnastasiyaRussianFeminine form of the Greek Anastasi..Delete This Name
AnaiahHebrewJehovah has answered. Anaiah is bor..Delete This Name
AbelGreekDerived from the Hebrew hebel (brea..Delete This Name
AdirHebrewNoble, royal, majesticDelete This Name
TsubasaJapaneseMeaning "wings." Delete This Name
HannahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew hannah, cha..Delete This Name
Jala'Muslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic jald (clari..Delete This Name
AmbikaHinduAnother manifestation of the goddes..Delete This Name
AgnesIrishDerived from the Greek Hagne, which..Delete This Name
JinanMuslim/Arab..A name commonly bestowed upon both ..Delete This Name
FletcherEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
SashaFrenchA borrowing of the Russian pet form..Delete This Name
KamilMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from kamil (pe..Delete This Name
AhmadMuslim/Arab..Highly popular name derived from ah..Delete This Name
ManjulikaHinduSweet,Delete This Name
DionneGreekFeminine form of Dion, a short fo..Delete This Name
NadaMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from the Arabi..Delete This Name
CaitlinIrishAn alternate form of Cathleen, whic..Delete This Name
Lamya'Muslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic lamia (havi..Delete This Name
DiyaMuslim/Arab..Derived from diya (brightness, radi..Delete This Name
AlmasiAfricanMeaning "diamond." A name for a par..Delete This Name
ShareeEnglishA form of Cheri, meaning "dear."Delete This Name
AbaHebrewAramaic, meaning "father" or "grand..Delete This Name
AodanScottishDiminutive form of the Gaelic Aodh ..Delete This Name
KaipoHawaiianSignifies "sweetheart." Delete This Name
LeonAfrican-Ame..Variant form of Leo (a lion). See..Delete This Name
NoirinIrishGaelic form of Noreen, a diminutive..Delete This Name
GahijiRwandanA name that means "the hunter." Delete This Name
ArvidScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse ArnviSr,..Delete This Name
CheilemHebrewStrengthDelete This Name
DemetriosAfrican-Ame..A borrowing from the Greek, Demetri..Delete This Name
AmanaBiblicalEstablished. The name is borrowed f..Delete This Name
JuliaPolishFeminine form of the Latin Julius, ..Delete This Name
OddveigScandinavia..A name that dates back to the Vikin..Delete This Name
AlanaHawaiianDerived from alana (awakening, risi..Delete This Name
AineIrishGaelic name meaning "joy, praise; f..Delete This Name
'abd'al-HalimMuslim/Arab..Compound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
'abd-Al'qadirMuslim/Arab..Compounding of the elements 'abd (s..Delete This Name
DalalMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from the Arabi..Delete This Name
MosesBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew mdsheh (dra..Delete This Name
HembadoonAfricanThe winner. Tiv, NigeriaDelete This Name
PhoebeEnglishFeminine form of the Greek Phoibos ..Delete This Name
ElsaEnglishOriginally a pet form of Elizabeth..Delete This Name
BrendaScottishOf uncertain origin and meaning, Br..Delete This Name
GuoChineseMeaning "country; nation." Delete This Name
AmitIndianMeaning "boundless," or "eternal," ..Delete This Name
JedidiahBiblicalBeloved of Jehovah. The name was gi..Delete This Name
RosaliaItalianDerived from the Latin rosalia (the..Delete This Name
AdhikaHinduMore, excess, extraDelete This Name
ApphiaBiblicalHebrew name meaning "increasing..Delete This Name
KakraGhanaianMeaning "the younger of twins."Delete This Name
KameJapaneseTortoise. The name denotes a long l..Delete This Name
AlitaSpanishMeaning "little wing." Delete This Name
SeocScottishGaelic form of Jock, which is a var..Delete This Name
VyomaHinduSkyDelete This Name
KainoaHawaiianLiterally means "the name" or "unre..Delete This Name
NahlaMuslim/Arab..Derived from nahla (a drink of wate..Delete This Name
CaroleFrenchShort form of the Latin Carolus, wh..Delete This Name
MaryBiblicalOf debated origin and meaning. See ..Delete This Name
AlexandreFrenchFrom the Old French Alysaundre, Ale..Delete This Name
BeverleyAfrican-Ame..Transferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
ShadiMuslim/Arab..Derived from shadi (singer), which ..Delete This Name
PuneetIndianA Sanskrit name that means "pure." Delete This Name
NevanIrishAnglicized form of Naomhan (little ..Delete This Name
LucienFrenchFrom the Latin Lucianus (of Lucius)..Delete This Name
SriHinduDerived from the Sanskrit srl (pros..Delete This Name
MasaniUgandanTranslates as "has a gap between th..Delete This Name
NadezdaSlovakCzech cognate of the Russian N..Delete This Name
MitziGermanA familiar form of Mary. Among we..Delete This Name
AmbrosiaGreekDerived from the Greek ambrotos (im..Delete This Name
ChanteFrenchMeaning "singer."Delete This Name
AatmadevaHinduGod of the soulDelete This Name
CamillaItalianDerived from the Latin Camilla (vir..Delete This Name
'abd-Al-RaziqMuslim/Arab..Composed of the elements 'abd (serv..Delete This Name
ZoeGreekPopular name derived directly from ..Delete This Name
AlyssaAmericanVariant form of Alicia (nobility)..Delete This Name
ShylaHinduOne of the names of the goddess Par..Delete This Name
ZipporahBiblicalA little bird, a female bird. The n..Delete This Name
SabellaEnglishModern variant of Isabella (God is ..Delete This Name
BlakeAmericanTransferred use of the surname, whi..Delete This Name
ElaineGreekA borrowing from the English, Elain..Delete This Name
ShifaHebrewAbundance, quantityDelete This Name
ChloeEnglishDerived from the Greek Khloe (bloom..Delete This Name
GraceScottishA borrowing from the English, Grace..Delete This Name
'abbasMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic 'abbas (aus..Delete This Name
TyrScandinavia..Borne by the oldest of all the Goth..Delete This Name
NabilaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic nabil (nobl..Delete This Name
BudEnglishMeaning "herald" or "messenger." Bu..Delete This Name
KiranIndianMeaning "beam of light." From the S..Delete This Name
LosaPolynesianTongan form of Rosa (a rose). See ..Delete This Name
CeliaItalianDerived from the Latin Caelia, a fe..Delete This Name
LuluAfricanPrecious, a pearl. Swahili, E. Afri..Delete This Name
KalileaPolynesianSpeaking pillowDelete This Name
SuzanneFrenchFrench cognate of Susannah, which i..Delete This Name
ShayAmericanA borrowing from the Irish, Shay is..Delete This Name
LoreleiGermanDerived from Lurlei, the name of th..Delete This Name
TakiraAmericanA blend of the prefix Ta and Kira, ..Delete This Name
IrisGreekDerived from the Greek iris (a rain..Delete This Name
'ala'Muslim/Arab..Derived from 'aid' (excellence, sup..Delete This Name
TrygveNorwegianThis name signifies "brave victor."..Delete This Name
BogumierzPolishCompound name composed from the Sla..Delete This Name
AlphaEnglishDerived from the first letter of th..Delete This Name
Hana'Muslim/Arab..Derived from hana (happiness, bliss..Delete This Name
YahyaMuslim/Arab..Arabic form of John, which is deriv..Delete This Name
BananMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic banan (fing..Delete This Name
ChanningAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
EnochBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew hanokh (ded..Delete This Name
ShafiqMuslim/Arab..Derived from shafiq (sympathetic, c..Delete This Name
SofiyaRussianPopular Russian cognate of Sophia, ..Delete This Name
KanakanuiHawaiianCompound name meaning "person of gr..Delete This Name
AilinePolynesianTongan form of Irene (peace). See ..Delete This Name
LawanThaiMeaning "beauty." Delete This Name
VikentiRussianRussian cognate of Vincent, which i..Delete This Name
EdytaPolishPolish form of the English Edith, w..Delete This Name
KoryIrishAn alternate form of CoreyDelete This Name
AdrianPolishA borrowing from the English, Adria..Delete This Name
KumaJapaneseMeaning "bear." Delete This Name
MayaSpanishDerived from Maia, the name of the ..Delete This Name
HananMuslim/Arab..Derived from hanan (tenderness, mer..Delete This Name
AgnieszkaPolishPolish form of Agnes, which is a po..Delete This Name
HaniyyaMuslim/Arab..Derived from ham (happy, pleased), ..Delete This Name
SafiyyaMuslim/Arab..Derived from safiyya (confidant, be..Delete This Name
HaiChineseMeaning "sea" or "ocean." This char..Delete This Name
ArmanPersianMeaning "desire" or "goal."Delete This Name
EisaScandinavia..Of uncertain meaning borne in Norse..Delete This Name
'abd-Al-MalikMuslim/Arab..Compounding of the elements 'abd (s..Delete This Name
AnastasiaGermanA borrowing from the Greek, Anastas..Delete This Name
DawnIrishA recent borrowing from the English..Delete This Name
IsikeliPolynesianTongan form of Ezekiel (God strengt..Delete This Name
PhoenixMythology a..Derived from the Greek phoinix (dar..Delete This Name
NikeGreekDerived from nike (victory). The na..Delete This Name
VinayIndianMeaning "polite" or "courteous." Delete This Name
CaiChineseWealth, money,Delete This Name
YetundeNigerianMeaning "mother returns." Francesca..Delete This Name
VitaliRussianRussian cognate of the Italian Vita..Delete This Name
MarcosSpanishDerived from the Latin Marcus, a na..Delete This Name
ShamirHebrewAramaic and Hebrew name meaning..Delete This Name
SorenScandinavia..Danish name possibly derived from t..Delete This Name
AlessandraItalianFeminine form of Alessandro, the ..Delete This Name
JalalAfrican-Ame..From the Arabic Jalal (greatness), ..Delete This Name
NaheleHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian nahek (fo..Delete This Name
SamiMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic sami (eleva..Delete This Name
SuhaylMuslim/Arab..Suhayl is the name referring to the..Delete This Name
RexellaEnglishCompound name composed of the names..Delete This Name
SethBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew sheth (appo..Delete This Name
WarrenAmericanTransferred use of the surname mean..Delete This Name
NiazHinduDerived from the Persian nidz (offe..Delete This Name
In'amMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic in am (bene..Delete This Name
AnnaBiblicalAnglicized form of Hannah (gracious..Delete This Name
Hayfa'Muslim/Arab..Popular name derived from the Arabi..Delete This Name
AbiahHebrewJehovah is my father. The name is b..Delete This Name
SandeepIndianMeaning "enlightened." Delete This Name
ShameenaHinduPopular name meaning "beautiful."Delete This Name
PakaAfricanMeaning "kitten." A name given to a..Delete This Name
AhavahHebrewLoveDelete This Name
AcherHebrewHebrew name meaning "other."Delete This Name
MinhSoutheast A..Bright, clear, light. Vietnam,Delete This Name
Fang-HuaChineseFragrant flowerDelete This Name
AlbaItalianDerived from the Italian alba (dawn..Delete This Name
DariuszPolishPolish form of Darius, an old Latin..Delete This Name
AdofoAfricanAgyadini name meaning "warrior." Ak..Delete This Name
NikoGreekShort form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
KalinoHawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
JaleelAfrican-Ame..Derived perhaps from the Arabic..Delete This Name
KaimalieHawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
NathanBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew nathan (gif..Delete This Name
KalikaHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian word for ..Delete This Name
'adilaMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'ddil (just, fair), wh..Delete This Name
ShannaRussianRussian form of the Hebrew Shoshan..Delete This Name
AkileshHinduKing of all, lord of allDelete This Name
HaniHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian hard (lig..Delete This Name
FranciscoSpanishPopular name derived from the Middl..Delete This Name
AleshaneeNative Amer..She plays all of the time. CoosDelete This Name
GaylordFrenchMeaning "lively" or "high-spirited...Delete This Name
AbigailHebrewMeaning "father's joy." Abigail was..Delete This Name
AsherHebrewPopular name meaning "happy, blesse..Delete This Name
ChikeAfricanPower of Chi. Chi is the name of an..Delete This Name
Ah-LamChineseLike an orchidDelete This Name
CleonAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage perhaps formed as an..Delete This Name
DavidHebrewDerived from the Hebrew david (belo..Delete This Name
AjmalAfghanThis name means "the most handsome"..Delete This Name
SankarIndianMeaning "God." Another name for the..Delete This Name
NkosazanaAfricanPrincess. Xhosa, S. AfricaDelete This Name
DeliaEnglishShort form of Cordelia, Delia is ..Delete This Name
AiChineseA name that means "love." Delete This Name
ShannaAmericanOf various derivations, Shanna is e..Delete This Name
AbhaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit abha (lig..Delete This Name
StuartEnglishTransferred use of the surname, whi..Delete This Name
ShardaHinduVariant of Sharada, which is from t..Delete This Name
AdhitaHinduScholarDelete This Name
AchalaHinduConstant, unceasingDelete This Name
YusraMuslim/Arab..Derived from yusra (prosperity, wea..Delete This Name
AmerigoItalianItalian variant of Enrico (ruler of..Delete This Name
MachiJapaneseTen thousand thousand. The name is ..Delete This Name
LeoAmericanLate Latin name derived from leo (a..Delete This Name
RachelBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew rachel (ewe..Delete This Name
PenelopeEnglishDerived from the Greek Penelope, a ..Delete This Name
MarionEnglishFrench diminutive form of Marie, ..Delete This Name
JumokeNigerianMeaning "everyone loves the child."..Delete This Name
AlbanEnglishDerived from the Latin Albanus (f..Delete This Name
'alanaHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian 'alana (o..Delete This Name
HafokaPolynesianTo appear to be big, to look greatDelete This Name
KelbyGermanMeaning "farm by the spring. "Delete This Name
LiliaSpanishSpanish form of Lillian, which is d..Delete This Name
'aliMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'aliy, 'ali (sublime, ..Delete This Name
KifimboAfricanA twig. The name refers to a very s..Delete This Name
AndrianaEnglishCoined by combining the names Andr..Delete This Name
HosheaBiblicalVariant form of Joshua (deliverance..Delete This Name
SacharijaRussianRussian form of the Ecclesiastic Gr..Delete This Name
'aliyaMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'aliya (sublime, eleva..Delete This Name
Ja'shonAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
ValentinoItalianFrom the Latin Valentlnus, which is..Delete This Name
AzrielaHebrewThe Lord is my strengthDelete This Name
'abd-Al-FattahMuslim/Arab..Composed of the elements 'abd (serv..Delete This Name
DouglasScottishTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
AppleAmericanDerived from apple, which denotes t..Delete This Name
LakshanaHinduSymbol, sign,Delete This Name
MargaretEnglishFrom the Greek MargarTtes, which is..Delete This Name
AdamGreekFrom the Hebrew, meaning "earth." A..Delete This Name
KallirroeGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
DillonIrishA name that means "loyal." This is ..Delete This Name
CorinneFrenchDerived from the Greek Korinna, whi..Delete This Name
PasqualeItalianFrom the Late Latin Paschalis (of E..Delete This Name
Da'ronAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage that is possibly a v..Delete This Name
DevinAmericanA borrowing from the Irish, Devin i..Delete This Name
LeenaEstonianMeaning "light" or "enlightened."Delete This Name
ZakariyyaMuslim/Arab..Arabic form of Zachariah, which is ..Delete This Name
MelinaGreekFeminine form of melinos (quince-ye..Delete This Name
AidanIrishAnglicized form of Aodhan (little f..Delete This Name
BronwynWelshMeaning "white breasted."Delete This Name
SophiaEnglishA borrowing from the Greek, Sophia ..Delete This Name
Dieu-KiemSoutheast A..To search for love, seeker of love...Delete This Name
YoelHebrewDerived from the Hebrew yd'el (Jeho..Delete This Name
AmayaJapaneseA name that means "night." Delete This Name
ElizaIrishA short form of Elizabeth (God is m..Delete This Name
HimaniHinduCovered with snowDelete This Name
StellaEnglishA borrowing from the Latin, Stella ..Delete This Name
CyrusBiblicalDerived from the Old Persian kurush..Delete This Name
HarshikaHinduJoyful. Derived from harsha (joy, d..Delete This Name
ChandraHinduDerived from the Sanskrit candra (t..Delete This Name
BoalimmaaGhanaianLiterally means "one who has left h..Delete This Name
SunnyAmericanDerived from sunny, which denotes a..Delete This Name
PradeepHinduDerived from pradlpa (light)Delete This Name
AnChinesePeace,Delete This Name
FawziyyaMuslim/Arab..From the Arabic fawz (triumph, achi..Delete This Name
CraigAmericanTransferred use of the Scottish sur..Delete This Name
DemetriGreekA short form of Demetrios (of Demet..Delete This Name
KatarzynaPolishPolish cognate of Katherine, which ..Delete This Name
JesimielBiblicalGod sets up. The name is borne in t..Delete This Name
T'anayAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
DionFrenchFrom the Latin Dio, originally a sh..Delete This Name
DamienFrenchFrom the Greek Damianos, which is t..Delete This Name
AminaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic amina (peac..Delete This Name
CatalinaSpanishA form of the name Catherine, mea..Delete This Name
NyamekyeGhanaianMeaning "God's gift." Delete This Name
ZudoraIndianA Sanskrit word meaning "laborer." ..Delete This Name
CameliaSpanishDerived from the Latin Camilla (vir..Delete This Name
SybilleFrenchDerived from the Latin Sibylla (a f..Delete This Name
EnyaIrishVariant of Ena, an Irish form of Ei..Delete This Name
PamelaEnglishCoined by the English poet and stat..Delete This Name
VivekIndianMeaning "wisdom." Name of a famous ..Delete This Name
KostantinosGreekThe first Christian emperor, after ..Delete This Name
MelisaHawaiianHawaiian form of Melissa, a name ..Delete This Name
MayaIndianMeaning "illusion" or "God's creati..Delete This Name
AvelRussianRussian cognate of Abel, a deriva..Delete This Name
JulianEnglishFrom the Latin Julianus, which is a..Delete This Name
SunitaHinduCourteous, gracious, well-manneredDelete This Name
IsaacBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yitshaq (la..Delete This Name
AbaAfricanAkeradini name meaning "born on Thu..Delete This Name
EbbaScandinavia..A borrowing from the German, Ebba i..Delete This Name
ChelseaAmericanBorrowed from the name of a London ..Delete This Name
FadiMuslim/Arab..Derived from fadi (redeemer, savior..Delete This Name
AaronPolishDerived from the Hebrew aharan (the..Delete This Name
VijayIndianMeaning "victory." Delete This Name
AbejeAfricanWe asked to have this child. Yoruba..Delete This Name
KhadijaMuslim/Arab..An old Arabic name popular througho..Delete This Name
MalaHawaiianDerived from mala (garden, plantati..Delete This Name
RobertGermanPopular name derived from the Old H..Delete This Name
AnnetteIrishA borrowing from the French, Annett..Delete This Name
EddaScandinavia..Attributed to the Prose Edda and th..Delete This Name
AdoniahHebrewMy Lord is Jehovah. The name is bor..Delete This Name
MargaretScottishA borrowing from the English, Marga..Delete This Name
EnoshHebrewMan. Enosh was the name of a son of..Delete This Name
PietroItalianItalian cognate of Peter, which is ..Delete This Name
Mei-LeenChineseBeautiful lotusDelete This Name
TakenyaHebrewMeaning "animal horn." Delete This Name
IsaacHebrewAnglicized form of Yitzchak (he wil..Delete This Name
LilithMuslim/Arab..Old name derived from the Assyrian-..Delete This Name
MilesAmericanDerived from the Old French Milon, ..Delete This Name
AidanScottishA borrowing from the Irish, Aidan i..Delete This Name
AdapaMythology a..The name of a mortal who was create..Delete This Name
KayleeAmericanMeaning "pasture by the spring."Delete This Name
MoniqueFrenchFrench cognate of Monica, an ancien..Delete This Name
Nai'aHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian nai'a (do..Delete This Name
SheelaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit slla (kin..Delete This Name
MauricioSpanishDerived from the Latin Mauritius (M..Delete This Name
AbramRussianA borrowing from the Hebrew, Abram ..Delete This Name
WigburgScandinavia..Used primarily in the Netherlands, ..Delete This Name
BufordEnglishMeaning "ford near the castle."Delete This Name
BiancaItalianDerived from the Italian bianca (wh..Delete This Name
AnamaliaPolynesianTongan form of Anna Maria. See ANN..Delete This Name
'uthmanMuslim/Arab..Very popular name derived from 'uth..Delete This Name
IsamuJapaneseVigorous, robust, energeticDelete This Name
OliviaAmericanElaboration of Olive (olive tree)Delete This Name
AristeoSpanishFrom the Greek Aristides, a name de..Delete This Name
EchoGreekDerived from echo (an echo). The na..Delete This Name
ChloeBiblicalDerived from the Greek khloe (bloom..Delete This Name
ZaharHebrewThis name means "daybreak" or "dawn..Delete This Name
HubertFrenchDerived from the Old High German Hu..Delete This Name
KangChineseWell-being, healthDelete This Name
'adnanMuslim/Arab..Ancient Arabic name thought to be d..Delete This Name
ChijiokeNigerianTranslated literally, this name mea..Delete This Name
LloydWelshAnglicized form of the Welsh Llwyd ..Delete This Name
KamalaHawaiianA compound name composed of the Haw..Delete This Name
AditiMythology a..From Indian mythology, Aditi was th..Delete This Name
CachayAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage probably based on th..Delete This Name
CharleneAfrican-Ame..20th-century coinage used as a femi..Delete This Name
AmlikaIndianMeaning "mother." A variation is A..Delete This Name
AndreaEnglishEnglish feminine form of the Gree..Delete This Name
LeanneEnglishModern name combining the names Lee..Delete This Name
DionneEnglishVariant of Dianne (divine), or a ..Delete This Name
ObasiAfricanIn honor of the Supreme God. Ibo, N..Delete This Name
SamiraMuslim/Arab..Derived from samir or samir (compan..Delete This Name
AlizaHebrewMeaning "joyful."Delete This Name
KanaJapaneseMeaning "beautiful" or "excellent."..Delete This Name
AdelaideEnglishVariant of the Germanic Adelheid (n..Delete This Name
NadimMuslim/Arab..Derived from nadim (drinking compan..Delete This Name
BrennanEnglishAn alternate form of Brendan (see I..Delete This Name
CullenAmericanA borrowing from the Irish, Cullen ..Delete This Name
KarnikHinduIn controlDelete This Name
AlessaItalianA short form of Alessandra (defende..Delete This Name
CraigScottishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..Delete This Name
AhlamMuslim/Arab..Derived from ahlam (dreams, visions..Delete This Name
CahirIrishAnglicized form of Cathaoir (warrio..Delete This Name
ChelseaEnglishMeaning "seaport" or "landing." Fir..Delete This Name
UshaIndianMeaning "sunrise." Parents who love..Delete This Name
BelaHawaiianHawaiian form of the Latin Bella ..Delete This Name
KhalidAfricanDerived from the Arabic khdid (eter..Delete This Name
BarnabyEnglishMeaning "son of comfort." Famous fi..Delete This Name
ManikarnikaHinduCompound name composed from mani (j..Delete This Name
VandeliaSpanishBorrowed from the name of a popular..Delete This Name
YasirMuslim/Arab..Derived from yasir (to be wealthy)...Delete This Name
YigalHebrewMeaning "He will redeem." Delete This Name
IslaScottishModern coinage derived from the pro..Delete This Name
ValerieAmericanA borrowing from the French, Valeri..Delete This Name
ValerieFrenchDerived from the Latin Valeria, t..Delete This Name
AldenAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
ThanhSoutheast A..Finish, completion, end; brilliant...Delete This Name
BruceEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
IskanderAfghanIranian form of the Greek name ..Delete This Name
RashardAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage quite possibly based..Delete This Name
EsmeeFrenchFeminine form of Esme, which is der..Delete This Name
ZanetaRussianRussian cognate of Janet, a dimin..Delete This Name
MauricioPortugueseDerived from the Latin Mauritius (M..Delete This Name
NathanHebrewDerived from the Hebrew nathan (gif..Delete This Name
TripEnglishSignifies "traveler."Delete This Name
KeilahBiblicalCitadel. Keilah is borrowed from th..Delete This Name
DeeEnglishPet form of any of the various name..Delete This Name
Mun-HeeKoreanComposed of elements meaning "liter..Delete This Name
SasaNative Amer..Meaning "goose." Cherokee in origin..Delete This Name
SamalaHebrewThis name means "asked of God."Delete This Name
ZamirHebrewSingingDelete This Name
AyanoJapaneseMeaning "pretty and successful." Delete This Name
AakilHinduIntelligent, smartDelete This Name
AlexanderIrishDerived from the Greek Alexandras (..Delete This Name
CaseyEnglishVariant of Cassie, which is a pet..Delete This Name
HabibMuslim/Arab..Derived from habib (beloved, dear),..Delete This Name
NathanaelBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew nethanel (g..Delete This Name
SaadaAfricanHelp. Swahili, E. AfricaDelete This Name
LilyBiblicalGeneral name used in the Bible for ..Delete This Name
LaylaHebrewAn alternate form of LeilaDelete This Name
ZubaidaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic zubaida. (a..Delete This Name
JoshuaBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yehosktia (..Delete This Name
LisetteFrenchForm of Lisa, which is short for th..Delete This Name
YuriHinduLily,Delete This Name
MorieJapaneseTree branch of the forestDelete This Name
MaluhiaHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian maluhia (..Delete This Name
MililaniHawaiianMeaning "to praise; to exalt; to tr..Delete This Name
HenriettaEnglishBritish form of the French name..Delete This Name
DanielleFrenchMeaning "God is my judge." A femini..Delete This Name
HelgaGermanA borrowing from the Scandinavians,..Delete This Name
SyonaHinduBeautiful, fortunate, happyDelete This Name
NicheleAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage probably based on th..Delete This Name
HatimMuslim/Arab..Derived from hatim (determined), wh..Delete This Name
AkemiJapaneseDawn of beautyDelete This Name
HugoScandinavia..Germanic name in common use through..Delete This Name
MichaiahBiblicalBorne by both males and females and..Delete This Name
SiddharthaIndianMeaning "one whose ambitions have b..Delete This Name
AnaSpanishSpanish form of Anna, which is fr..Delete This Name
AkritasGreekThe central figure in the Akritic s..Delete This Name
EvertonEnglishThis name signifies "boar town." Delete This Name
ErinIrishMeaning "peace," it is another name..Delete This Name
'ainalaniHawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
KaiHawaiian"Sea." Delete This Name
HosyuJapaneseDerived from hosyu (conservativenes..Delete This Name
AbelFrenchA borrowing from the Latin and Gree..Delete This Name
AnilHinduAir, wind,Delete This Name
IsabelleEnglishOriginated as a Spanish variant of ..Delete This Name
ZahraMuslim/Arab..Derived from zahra (flower, blossom..Delete This Name
KamauKenyanMeaning "a quiet warrior." Daniel K..Delete This Name
JadeAfrican-Ame..Taken from the name of the hard, gr..Delete This Name
KamukamaUgandanMeaning "protected by God." Delete This Name
NollaigIrishGaelic form of Noelle (Christmas). ..Delete This Name
OlufemiNigerianMeaning "God loves me." Delete This Name
MaheshHinduCompound name composed of the Sansk..Delete This Name
AkiikiAfricanFriend. Muneyankole, Uganda. Delete This Name
ZemirahHebrewA name that means "song of joy." Delete This Name
FakhriMuslim/Arab..Derived from fakhri (meritorious), ..Delete This Name
LukeBiblicalA name of debated origin. See LUKE..Delete This Name
DavinaEnglishA borrowing from the Scottish, Davi..Delete This Name
MordecaiBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew mordekhai, ..Delete This Name
KendallEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
AnshuHinduPopular name meaning "sunbeam, a ra..Delete This Name
AlenaSlovakA short form of Magdalena (of Mag..Delete This Name
YaminaMuslim/Arab..From yamina (proper, of good morals..Delete This Name
RidaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic rida (conte..Delete This Name
ManonFrenchOriginally a pet form of Marie, Man..Delete This Name
AdaliaSpanishMeaning "noble."Delete This Name
JoniAmericanA familiar form of Joan, meaning ..Delete This Name
DanaAmericanTransferred use of the surname, whi..Delete This Name
AdonisGreekA name of unknown etymology borne i..Delete This Name
AlaniHawaiianMeaning "orange" or "orange tree." Delete This Name
AnalaIndianMeaning "fire." Delete This Name
SunnyEnglishMeaning "bright" or "cheerful."Delete This Name
AemiliaItalianFrom Aemilius, an old Roman family ..Delete This Name
LiaPolynesianTongan form of Leah (to weary, to t..Delete This Name
MonaIrishMeaning "noble." Also, Maimona in A..Delete This Name
CinnamonAfrican-Ame..Borrowed from the name of a favored..Delete This Name
MikhailRussianRussian cognate of Michael, a name ..Delete This Name
BrentfordAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
GhufranMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from ghufran (..Delete This Name
SorayaPersianMeaning "princess." This is the nam..Delete This Name
ChandrakHinduMoonlight. Derived from the Sanskri..Delete This Name
IreneEnglishDerived from the Greek Eirene, whic..Delete This Name
InnaRussianFrom the Latin, meaning "innocent."Delete This Name
AtiraHebrewMeaning "prayer." Delete This Name
MalachHebrewMessenger, angelDelete This Name
RobertoPortuguesePortuguese form of Robert (bright w..Delete This Name
MohalaHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian mohala (b..Delete This Name
CarolineFrenchFeminine form of the Latin Carolus,..Delete This Name
'abd-Al-JabirMuslim/Arab..Popular compound name composed of t..Delete This Name
IhsanMuslim/Arab..Derived from ihsan (charity), which..Delete This Name
EmeraldMythology a..The name of a type of beryl, emeral..Delete This Name
JacquesFrenchPopular name from the Ecclesiastic ..Delete This Name
JohnBiblicalUltimately derived from the Hebrew ..Delete This Name
MenasheHebrewCausing to forget. The name was bor..Delete This Name
KanticoNative Amer..Meaning "she dances," it is the nam..Delete This Name
RupalHinduDerived from rupa (beauty, form)Delete This Name
AmosBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew 'amos (born..Delete This Name
ConwayAmericanTransferred use of the Irish surnam..Delete This Name
AnnaItalianDerived from the Hebrew Hannah, whi..Delete This Name
AngeloItalianDerived from the Latin angelus (div..Delete This Name
MorizRussianDerived from the Greek Moris, a cog..Delete This Name
AdityaHinduThe sunDelete This Name
AlexanderAmericanDerived from the Greek Alexand..Delete This Name
LeolaniHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian leolani (..Delete This Name
RheaGreekDerived from the Greek rhoia (flowi..Delete This Name
KamalHinduDerived from the Sanskrit kamala (l..Delete This Name
ChakraIndianMeaning "circle of energy." From th..Delete This Name
MubarakMuslim/Arab..Derived from mubarak (blessed, fort..Delete This Name
NuriaHebrewMeaning "the Lord's light."Delete This Name
JeanneFrenchFeminine form of Jean, the French c..Delete This Name
AeneasIrishDerived from the Greek Aineias (to ..Delete This Name
ArleneAmericanModern coinage believed to be model..Delete This Name
AndreasGreekPopular name derived from andreios ..Delete This Name
WinifredScottishFrom the Welsh Gwenfrewi, which is ..Delete This Name
AgisGreekThe king of Sparta who waged wars a..Delete This Name
AltagraciaSpanishCompound name composed from the Spa..Delete This Name
JesusSpanishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..Delete This Name
OsvaldoSpanishA form of the name Oswald, meanin..Delete This Name
HalaMuslim/Arab..Old Arabic name derived from hala (..Delete This Name
ChandanHinduDerived from the Sanskrit candana (..Delete This Name
MikaylaUkrainianMeaning "Who is like God." Delete This Name
BoydAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
BarclayScottishTransferred use of the surname foun..Delete This Name
SperanzaItalianDerived from the Italian speranza (..Delete This Name
Eun-KyungKoreanComposed of elements meaning "silve..Delete This Name
YeiraHebrewThis name means "light." Delete This Name
ElianaHebrewMy Lord has answeredDelete This Name
MarleyEnglishA familiar form of MarleneDelete This Name
YusufAfricanArabic cognate of Joseph, which is ..Delete This Name
NissaHebrewTo testDelete This Name
Hyun-OkKoreanComposed from elements meaning "wis..Delete This Name
SamihaMuslim/Arab..Derived from samiih or samih (gener..Delete This Name
EmersonGermanMeaning "son of Emery." One well-kn..Delete This Name
HoshiJapaneseStarDelete This Name
ShunJapaneseMeaning "quick" or "smart." Delete This Name
YashaskarHinduCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
RaktimIndianMeaning "bright red," this is a rar..Delete This Name
ToohulhulsoteNative Amer..Sound. Nez Perce. Toohulhulsote was..Delete This Name
FerminFrenchMeaning "firm" or "strong."Delete This Name
MonroeEnglishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..Delete This Name
NwakaegoNigerianTranslates as "more important than ..Delete This Name
SimoneAfrican-Ame..A borrowing from the French, Si..Delete This Name
ZoyaRussianFrom the Greek meaning "life."Delete This Name
MwambaTanzanianMeaning "mighty." Delete This Name
CarolinaSpanishFeminine form of the Latin Carolus..Delete This Name
WallaceGermanA borrowing from the English, Walla..Delete This Name
KiritanIndianMeaning "wearing a crown." Delete This Name
RosaItalianPopular name derived from the Latin..Delete This Name
RhodaBiblicalDerived from the Greek Rhode (a ros..Delete This Name
AbrahamEnglishDerived from the Hebrew Avraha..Delete This Name
OsagieBenineseMeaning "sent by God."Delete This Name
RajivHinduDerived from the Sanskrit rajiva (s..Delete This Name
SethAmericanDerived from the Hebrew sheth (appo..Delete This Name
KendallWelshTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
EinarScandinavia..Scandinavian name composed of t..Delete This Name
AkiraJapaneseIntelligent, smartDelete This Name
KeiranIrishAnglicized form of Ciaran (little b..Delete This Name
OrvilleEnglishOf debated origin, some believe Orv..Delete This Name
ZoilaSpanishFeminine form of the Greek Zoilo, w..Delete This Name
JojoGhanaianMeaning "born on Monday."Delete This Name
MaxwellAmericanTransferred use of the Scottish sur..Delete This Name
MichaelScottishA borrowing from the Ecclesiastic L..Delete This Name
MahirMuslim/Arab..Derived from mahir (skillful, compe..Delete This Name
DidierFrenchFrom the Late Latin Deslderius, whi..Delete This Name
DeirbhileIrishGaelic name meaning "poet's daughte..Delete This Name
GiannaItalianPopular contracted form of Giovanna..Delete This Name
LarkinIrishMeaning "rough; fierce."Delete This Name
GwenEnglishA short form of any of the various ..Delete This Name
ArleighEnglishAn alternate form of Harlet, which ..Delete This Name
AdamEnglishDerived from the Hebrew adama (..Delete This Name
AyaHebrewThis name means "bird." Delete This Name
ArthurEnglishOf Celtic origin but of unknown mea..Delete This Name
MehadiIndianMeaning "flower." Leaves of an herb..Delete This Name
MagnusEnglishA borrowing from the Latin, Magnus ..Delete This Name
LatikaIndianMeaning "a small creeper." Delete This Name
JoAmericanA short form of various names begin..Delete This Name
Ae-ChaKoreanLoving daughterDelete This Name
AnnelieseGermanPopular combination name composed o..Delete This Name
Abdur-RASHIDHinduCompound name of Arabic origin comp..Delete This Name
RosaSpanishDerived from the Spanish rosa (rose..Delete This Name
CharmaineEnglishDerived from the Middle English and..Delete This Name
KrisGermanShort form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
AmaltheaMythology a..From Greek mythology, Amalthea was ..Delete This Name
AinsleyScottishTransferred use of the Scottish sur..Delete This Name
MalaikaAfricanTranslated literally, means "angel...Delete This Name
RohanHinduDerived from the Sanskrit rohana (a..Delete This Name
TroyEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
HughScottishFrom the Old French Hue, which is f..Delete This Name
HatsuJapaneseFirst bornDelete This Name
AbeoAfricanShe has come to bring happiness and..Delete This Name
MachasPolishA form of the name Michael, which..Delete This Name
NestorPortugueseMeaning "venerable wisdom." Delete This Name
MabelEnglishFrom the now obsolete Amabel, which..Delete This Name
SethHebrewAnglicized form of Shet (appointed)..Delete This Name
LinChineseA common family name meaning "fores..Delete This Name
AnnieIrishOriginally a pet form of Anne (grac..Delete This Name
BearnardScottishScottish Gaelic form of Bernard (bo..Delete This Name
KeishaAfrican-Ame..Popular modern coinage of uncertain..Delete This Name
JesusBiblicalGreek form of Joshua (Jehovah is he..Delete This Name
EllisAmericanTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
TrudyGermanA familiar form of GertrudeDelete This Name
AeolaGreekFeminine form of Aeolus, a name of ..Delete This Name
MelaIndianA country fair or any kind of get-t..Delete This Name
LacyAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
JacobBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew ya'aqob (se..Delete This Name
AilinIrishGaelic form of Alan, a Celtic name ..Delete This Name
BetzalelHebrewMeaning "in the shadow of God." The..Delete This Name
KadinAmericanModern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
IvanaRussianFrom the Hebrew, meaning "God is gr..Delete This Name
IwonaPolishPolish feminine form of the Germani..Delete This Name
EfrayimHebrewThe younger son of Joseph; patriarc..Delete This Name
AgesilaosGreekThe name of the king of Sparta. Dur..Delete This Name
JakovaHungarianFeminine form of Jakov (supplanting..Delete This Name
KlausGermanA short form of Nicholas. Notable..Delete This Name
SaiJapaneseMeaning "talented."Delete This Name
GarretEnglishTransferred use of the surname that..Delete This Name
AdrianoPortugueseA variation upon the name Adrian,..Delete This Name
AlmaIrishOld Irish name of uncertain der..Delete This Name
AegeaGreekFeminine form of Aegeus (a protecti..Delete This Name
SarojiniHinduDerived from the Sanskrit saroja (l..Delete This Name
HaukeaHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian hau kea (..Delete This Name
RababMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic rababah (a ..Delete This Name
TiernanIrishAnglicized spelling of Tiarnan and ..Delete This Name
AegeusMythology a..From the Greek Aigeus, an evolution..Delete This Name
KeturahHebrewPerfumed, incense. The name is born..Delete This Name
KanielaHawaiianHawaiian form of the Hebrew Daniel..Delete This Name
JayceeAmericanA blend of the initials J. and CDelete This Name
KaleoHawaiianCompounding of the elements ka (one..Delete This Name
OdhranIrishDiminutive form of odhar (pale gree..Delete This Name
OranIrishAnglicized form of Odhran (little p..Delete This Name
GennisheyoNative Amer..Shining, beautiful valley. Iroquois..Delete This Name
NakitaAmericanMeaning "victory of the people." A ..Delete This Name
ShelleyEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
PetraGreekFeminine form of Petros, a name der..Delete This Name
AbayomiAfricanOriki name meaning "she brings joy,..Delete This Name
Chung-HoKoreanRighteous lakeDelete This Name
NehaHinduAffectionate, lovingDelete This Name
Kyung-SoonKoreanComposed of elements meaning "honor..Delete This Name
SuzettaItalianDiminutive form of Susana (a lily, ..Delete This Name
'abirMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'abxr (fragrance, arom..Delete This Name
ManiHebrewA pet form of any of the names begi..Delete This Name
AnastasijiaRussianFrom the Greek, meaning "resurrecti..Delete This Name
PariPersianA name that means "fairy" or "angel..Delete This Name
OlaminaNigerianMeaning "my riches." Delete This Name
ArunSoutheast A..The sun. CambodiaDelete This Name
AleksandrRussianDerived from the Greek Alexandras, ..Delete This Name
DevaneeHinduDivine, god-like. Derived from deva..Delete This Name
AbaGhanaianMeaning "born on Thursday." Delete This Name
LexaGreekShort form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
Bong-ChaKoreanSuperior daughterDelete This Name
IshmaelBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yishma'el (..Delete This Name
KiritinaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Christine, a..Delete This Name
AdiHebrewOrnamentDelete This Name
JahanHinduDerived from the Sanskrit jahan (th..Delete This Name
BrockAmericanTransferred use of the surname, whi..Delete This Name
RinJapaneseMeaning "park."Delete This Name
HuiChineseMeaning "wit" or "wisdom." This cha..Delete This Name
'alohiHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian 'alohi (t..Delete This Name
AmeliaScottishA borrowing from the English, Ameli..Delete This Name
KenanHebrewTo acquire, to possess. The name is..Delete This Name
TirthaIndianMeaning "a place of pilgrimage" or ..Delete This Name
KalaniHawaiianCompounding of the elements ka (one..Delete This Name
AaliyahAfrican-Ame..Variant of the Hebrew Aliyah ..Delete This Name
HasanMuslim/Arab..Very popular name derived from hasa..Delete This Name
JettaEnglishTaken from jet, which denotes a har..Delete This Name
AdalgisaItalianCompound name of Germanic origin, w..Delete This Name
MildredEnglishDerived from Mildthryth, an obsolet..Delete This Name
ZaharaHebrewTo shineDelete This Name
DainealIrishIrish form of Daniel (God is my jud..Delete This Name
JemimahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yerrilmah (..Delete This Name
FemiAfricanLove me. Yoruba, NigeriaDelete This Name
JosetteFrenchA familiar form of JosephineDelete This Name
MatthewIrishEvolution of the Middle English Mat..Delete This Name
AuroraItalianDerived from the Latin aurora (dawn..Delete This Name
AlexaEnglishA short form of Alexandra (defend..Delete This Name
AshleyEnglishThis name, originally a surname, is..Delete This Name
AniHawaiianA gentle name that means "wave," "b..Delete This Name
WyattAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
ElliotEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
AmaraItalianDerived from the Latin amarantus (u..Delete This Name
JuneAmericanTaken from the name of the sixth mo..Delete This Name
ZekeEnglishOriginally a short form of Ezekiel..Delete This Name
MateoSpanishSpanish form of Matthew, a deriva..Delete This Name
EstebanSpanishSpanish cognate of Stephen, which i..Delete This Name
LaelHebrewBelonging to JehovahDelete This Name
EfosaBenineseA powerful name meaning "the wealth..Delete This Name
DianeFrenchFrench cognate of Diana, a name der..Delete This Name
RoderickScottishFrom the Middle Latin Rodericus, wh..Delete This Name
BakariAfricanOf noble promise. Swahili, E. Afric..Delete This Name
TamekaHebrewA name that means "twin."Delete This Name
SimiNative Amer..Valley of the wind. ChumashDelete This Name
Brie-AnnAmericanA form of the Irish name Brian..Delete This Name
DominicAfrican-Ame..Derived from the Latin Dominicus (b..Delete This Name
KhalilHinduDerived from the Arabic khahl (best..Delete This Name
AoibheannIrishVery old name derived from the Gael..Delete This Name
AmeliaIrishIntroduced to Ireland by the Anglo-..Delete This Name
DeChineseVirtue, morals,Delete This Name
KurtisFrenchAn alternate form of Curtis, based ..Delete This Name
AdulioSpanishOf Latin origin meaning "excessive ..Delete This Name
CrystalAmerican19th-century coinage derived from c..Delete This Name
EufemiaItalianDerived from the Greek Euphemia, a ..Delete This Name
RothGermanThis name means "red." Delete This Name
AnaPolynesianA cave. Ana is also used as the Ton..Delete This Name
MiyukiJapaneseSilence of deep snow7. Derived from..Delete This Name
EloniPolynesianTongan form of Aaron (the exalted o..Delete This Name
GinnyEnglishA familiar form of Ginger or Vir..Delete This Name
AilbheIrishA common name of uncertain derivati..Delete This Name
'abd-Al-'atiMuslim/Arab..Compound name composed of the Arabi..Delete This Name
BetsabeSpanishDerived from the Hebrew Bathsheba (..Delete This Name
JivantaHinduTo give life, to createDelete This Name
SuzanaRumanianRumanian form of Susannah, which is..Delete This Name
MunaMuslim/Arab..From muna (wish, desire), which is ..Delete This Name
MalalaniHawaiianCompounding of the elements mala (g..Delete This Name
AdriaEnglishFeminine form of Adrian, which is..Delete This Name
DeborahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew deborah (a ..Delete This Name
AnielaPolishPolish form of Angela, a Latinate f..Delete This Name
JoachimEnglishDerived from the Hebrew Jehoia..Delete This Name
AurielMythology a..Hebrew name meaning "lion of Go..Delete This Name
GraceBiblicalDerived from the Latin gratia (plea..Delete This Name
DeniseAfrican-Ame..Feminine form of Dennis, which is a..Delete This Name
AlexScottishA short form of Alexander (defend..Delete This Name
TulaNative Amer..Peak. Choctaw,Delete This Name
FaustoItalianDerived from the Latin Faustus, whi..Delete This Name
FranzGermanA short form of Franziskus (a Frenc..Delete This Name
AugustineGreekDerived from the Latin Augustinus, ..Delete This Name
MarikaSlovakPet form of Maria, Marika is al..Delete This Name
LucianGreekDerived from the Latin Lucianus (of..Delete This Name
ClintonAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
BinnieEnglishA familiar form of Benedicta, mea..Delete This Name
MiloEnglishOf Germanic origin, Milo is of unce..Delete This Name
AidanAmericanAnglicized form of the Irish Aodhan..Delete This Name
AlexisEnglishDerived from the Greek alexein (to ..Delete This Name
RaheemIndianMeaning "compassionate God." This i..Delete This Name
KayleenHebrewAn alternate form of Kayla, which m..Delete This Name
RoccoItalianMeaning "rock." Name of the theatri..Delete This Name
AngusScottishPopular Anglicized form of Aonghus ..Delete This Name
DayoAfricanJoy arrives, joy is here. Yoruba, N..Delete This Name
DusanSlovakDerived from the element dusha (spi..Delete This Name
KwakouGhanaianMeaning "born on Wednesday." Kwakou..Delete This Name
AbelardGermanThis name means "highborn and stead..Delete This Name
EileenEnglishEnglish variant of the French Aveli..Delete This Name
TuhinaHinduSnowDelete This Name
EliseoSpanishSpanish cognate of Elisha, a He..Delete This Name
HalynaUkrainianMeaning "calm" or "serene." Delete This Name
MingChineseMeaning "clear and wise." Delete This Name
LucyEnglishEnglish cognate of Lucia, which is ..Delete This Name
CharityBiblicalDerived from the Latin caritas (est..Delete This Name
FeiChineseA regal name meaning "empress." Delete This Name
RyoutaJapaneseMeaning "good and strong." Delete This Name
Chin-SunKoreanComposed of characters meaning "pre..Delete This Name
AlexGreekShort form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
UnnaGermanThis name means "woman." Delete This Name
BenjaminBiblicalFrom the Hebrew binydmin (son of th..Delete This Name
AlmaEnglishDerived from the Latin almus (nouri..Delete This Name
YasmiriPersianA Persian form of JasmineDelete This Name
ShiChineseMeaning "stone." The character refl..Delete This Name
ShylaEnglishAn alternate form of Sheila. Delete This Name
HaruJapaneseBorn in spring. Derived from haru (..Delete This Name
AranThaiMeaning "forest." Delete This Name
SanjivHinduPopular name derived from the Sansk..Delete This Name
ArnaldoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Arnold (power..Delete This Name
IsaiahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew yesha 'yah ..Delete This Name
'isamMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'isam (security, pledg..Delete This Name
DietSoutheast A..Destroy, conquer. Vietnam,Delete This Name
JoanneEnglishA form of Joan. Comedian Joanne W..Delete This Name
YafeuGhanaianMeaning "intrepid." Delete This Name
MonicaEnglishAncient yet still popular name of u..Delete This Name
ChandelleAfrican-Ame..Derived from the French chandelle (..Delete This Name
DixieFrenchMeaning "tenth." Among the notewort..Delete This Name
PremaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit prema (lo..Delete This Name
EdsonPortugueseA variation upon the name Edison,..Delete This Name
MacoHungarianA form of the Hebrew name Emman..Delete This Name
CahalIrishAnglicized form of Cathal (battle m..Delete This Name
AriaHebrewFeminine form of the Hebrew Ari (li..Delete This Name
AmoPolynesianA waterspout, a whirlwindDelete This Name
AminahAfricanFaithful, honest. Derived from the ..Delete This Name
HansGermanPopular diminutive form of Johannes..Delete This Name
PratapHinduDerived from the Sanskrit pratapa (..Delete This Name
LosanaPolynesianTongan form of Rosanna. See ROSEAN..Delete This Name
EllarScottishAnglicized form of Eallair, a Gaeli..Delete This Name
DorothyScottishA borrowing from the English, Dorot..Delete This Name
CuinnIrishDerived from the surname MacCuinn (..Delete This Name
LilianaBulgarianMeaning "lily," as in the flower. T..Delete This Name
WendyEnglishOriginated as a nickname of novelis..Delete This Name
ZoraidaSpanishOf Arabic origin meaning "captivati..Delete This Name
BridonAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
KirstinScottishScottish form of the Scandinavian K..Delete This Name
KanikaKenyanA child with this name will be natu..Delete This Name
BiktoriaGreekDerives from the Latin word vincere..Delete This Name
AlakeNigerianLiterally translated, "one to be pe..Delete This Name
BalrajHinduCompound name composed of the Sansk..Delete This Name
JulienFrenchFrom the Latin Julianus, which is a..Delete This Name
AeronWelshDerived from Agrona, the name of th..Delete This Name
JaswinderHinduDerived from jasu (the name of Indi..Delete This Name
TakuyaJapaneseMeaning "creative." Delete This Name
SergioPortugueseA variation upon the name Serge, ..Delete This Name
VarshaHinduA shower of rainDelete This Name
UwimanaRwandanMeaning "daughter of God." Delete This Name
JorgeSpanishSpanish cognate of George, which is..Delete This Name
DevendraHinduCompounding of the element deva (a ..Delete This Name
GerardoItalianFrom the Old High German Gerhart, a..Delete This Name
CamillaMythology a..Derived from the Latin Camilla (vir..Delete This Name
DaljeetHinduConqueror of a troopDelete This Name
ConcepcionSpanishDerived from the Spanish conception..Delete This Name
AgapiosGreekDerived from agape (love), the name..Delete This Name
FolkeScandinavia..Derived from the Old Norse folk (pe..Delete This Name
FrancescoItalianFrom the Middle Latin Franciscus (a..Delete This Name
Mee-KyongKoreanComposed of elements meaning "beaut..Delete This Name
RicardoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Richard (brav..Delete This Name
SohanHinduAttractive, handsome, charmingDelete This Name
ValEnglishShort form of any of the names begi..Delete This Name
AbelHungarianDerived from the Hebrew hebel (brea..Delete This Name
RajnishHinduCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
SonjaRussianMeaning "wise." Delete This Name
DanyloUkrainianMeaning "divine judge." Delete This Name
AdelekeAfricanCrown brings happiness. Yoruba, Nig..Delete This Name
PahkatosNative Amer..Qohqoh Five ravens. Nez PerceDelete This Name
MahaliaAmericanA form of Mahala. Among the notab..Delete This Name
ElissaEnglishA form of Elizabeth. Short form o..Delete This Name
FaithAmericanDerived from faith, which denotes u..Delete This Name
'azzaMuslim/Arab..Oi uncertain origin, 'Azza might be..Delete This Name
MirenaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Myrna, an An..Delete This Name
ItohanBenineseRecognizing difficult times, this n..Delete This Name
KolbyAmericanSee Colby in English namesDelete This Name
BecIrishAnglicized form of the Gaelic Beag ..Delete This Name
SianiWelshPet form of Sian (God is gracious..Delete This Name
Marie-ClaireFrenchCombination name composed of the na..Delete This Name
NirvanHinduDerived from the Sanskrit nirvana (..Delete This Name
ShivaIndianMeaning "life and death." The most ..Delete This Name
ClaraEnglishDerived from the Latin clarus (brig..Delete This Name
KenjiJapaneseSecond sonDelete This Name
YaroslawUkrainianMeaning "bright glory."Delete This Name
XavierFrenchTransferred use of the Spanish surn..Delete This Name
MaluPolynesianA gentle wind, a calm windDelete This Name
RomeoItalianFrom the Late Latin Romaeus (a pilg..Delete This Name
AidosGreekA goddess in Greek mythology; the m..Delete This Name
AllegraItalianDerived from the Italian allegro (m..Delete This Name
AdelaPolishShort form of any of the various Ge..Delete This Name
RakuJapaneseDerived from the Japanese raku na (..Delete This Name
LiamHebrewMy people, my nationDelete This Name
JohnAmericanDerived from the Middle Latin Johan..Delete This Name
LubovRussianMeaning "love."Delete This Name
VasuHinduFrom the Sanskrit vasu (bright, the..Delete This Name
ArielHebrewDerived from the Hebrew 'ariel (lio..Delete This Name
FidankaBulgarianTranslated literally, means "saplin..Delete This Name
AlcottEnglishMeaning "old cottage."Delete This Name
Jean-LucFrenchCombination name composed of the na..Delete This Name
AntoninaRussianFrom the name of the Roman emperor ..Delete This Name
AnitaHinduGrace, mercy,Delete This Name
DamianRussianDerived from the Greek Damianos, an..Delete This Name
HiroshiJapaneseGenerousDelete This Name
SolveigScandinavia..Norwegian name composed of the Old ..Delete This Name
WesleyEnglishTransferred use of the surname take..Delete This Name
KatrinaGermanA form of Katherine, which means ..Delete This Name
LuigiItalianItalian cognate of Louis, a name de..Delete This Name
HeleddWelshAncient yet still common Celtic nam..Delete This Name
NolanEnglishTransferred use of the Irish surnam..Delete This Name
KelseyAmericanDerived from the obsolete Old Engli..Delete This Name
AnastazjaPolishFrom the Russian Anastasia, which i..Delete This Name
RicoItalianShort form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
'abd-Al-RahimMuslim/Arab..Compound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
CharleneEnglishCoined in the 20th century, Charlen..Delete This Name
HansHinduDerived from the Sanskrit hans (swa..Delete This Name
GanChineseAdventureDelete This Name
MahasinMuslim/Arab..Derived from mahasin (good qualitie..Delete This Name
NaniHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian nani (bea..Delete This Name
SethScottishEcclesiastic Late Latin form of the..Delete This Name
ArianaWelshPopular name derived from the Welsh..Delete This Name
DinahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew dinah (judg..Delete This Name
XianChineseMeaning "fairy" or "recluse." Delete This Name
ElijahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew 'eliyahu (J..Delete This Name
BrennanAmericanTransferred use of the surname, whi..Delete This Name
MadihaMuslim/Arab..From the Arabic madih (praise, comm..Delete This Name
RajendraHinduCompound name composed from the San..Delete This Name
ZafiraMuslim/Arab..From the Arabic zafira (to succeed)..Delete This Name
RitaEnglishA short form of the Spanish Margar..Delete This Name
FeliciaEnglishFeminine form of Felix, which is ..Delete This Name
GarrisonEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
NabulungiUgandanMeaning "beautiful one." Delete This Name
AngelaAmericanA Latinate form of Angel, a name ..Delete This Name
TabiaAfricanTalents, gifts. Swahili, E. AfricaDelete This Name
KaiheHawaiianCompound name meaning "spear," whic..Delete This Name
KeleNative Amer..Sparrow hawk. HopiDelete This Name
KazuoJapaneseFirst-born son. Derived from kazu (..Delete This Name
YettaEnglishA short form of HenriettaDelete This Name
AdrianaPortugueseA variation upon the name Adriano, ..Delete This Name
AbegailSpanishFrom the Hebrew Avigayil, which i..Delete This Name
AugustGermanFrom the Latin Augustus, which is d..Delete This Name
LusilaIndianA name that means "leader." Delete This Name
AlexEnglishShort form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
Maria-TeresaPolishCombination name composed of the na..Delete This Name
TyroneIrishTransferred use of a place-name in ..Delete This Name
AngieEnglishA pet form of the various names com..Delete This Name
AbielaHebrewGod is my fatherDelete This Name
Huang-FuChineseRich futureDelete This Name
RamananIndianMeaning "God" or "godlike." Another..Delete This Name
MarleeEnglishA form of Marlene, which means "h..Delete This Name
EricEnglishDerived from the Old Norse Eirikr (..Delete This Name
StaciaEnglishA short form of AnastasiaDelete This Name
LeoMythology a..Latin name meaning "lion." Leo is t..Delete This Name
MatityahHebrewDerived from the Hebrew mattithyah ..Delete This Name
HagenIrishMeaning "youthful." Delete This Name
StefanoItalianFrom the Latin Stephanus, which is ..Delete This Name
DiorFrenchMeaning "golden."Delete This Name
AbiAmericanShort form of any of the names begi..Delete This Name
AdamAmericanDerived from the Hebrew adama (..Delete This Name
AlAmericanShort form of any of the various na..Delete This Name
JasonBiblicalDerived from the Greek iasthai (to ..Delete This Name
Mei-XingChineseBeautiful starDelete This Name
VitusGermanA borrowing from the Latin, Vitus i..Delete This Name
SekarHinduDerived from the Sanskrit sekhara (..Delete This Name
NnekaNigerianMeaning "her mother is prominent." Delete This Name
AkosuaGhanaianMeaning "born on Sunday."Delete This Name
MugisaUgandanMeaning "lucky."Delete This Name
NoconaNative Amer..The camper, the wanderer. ComancheDelete This Name
KamlaHinduBorne by the wife of Jawaharlal Neh..Delete This Name
JairusBiblicalBorne by the ruler of the synagogue..Delete This Name
RatanHinduDerived from the Sanskrit ratna (je..Delete This Name
NettaScottishFeminine form of Neil, the Anglic..Delete This Name
JeremyAmericanEnglish vernacular form of Jeremiah..Delete This Name
RainAmericanDerived from rain, which denotes th..Delete This Name
KantaHinduDerived from kanta (beautiful, desi..Delete This Name
ViEnglishShort form of any of the names begi..Delete This Name
SheltonAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
DivyaHinduRadiant, brilliant, resplendentDelete This Name
ConstanceEnglishEnglish cognate of the French Const..Delete This Name
AlekiPolynesianTongan form of Alex (defender, help..Delete This Name
Mee-YonKoreanComposed of characters meaning "bea..Delete This Name
HachiJapaneseMeaning "eight thousand" and "good ..Delete This Name
SusannahBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew shoshannah ..Delete This Name
LonnieAmericanA name of uncertain etymology, it m..Delete This Name
SakdaThaiMeaning "power." Delete This Name
SoladaThaiMeaning "listener."Delete This Name
MirekSlovakA pet form of Miroslav (great glo..Delete This Name
MuteteliRwandanA name that means "dainty." Delete This Name
ShiroJapaneseFourth-born sonDelete This Name
CatoriNative Amer.."Seed carrier kachina." From the Ho..Delete This Name
HialeahNative Amer..Seminole-Creek name derived from ha..Delete This Name
MargueriteFrenchFrench cognate of Margaret, which i..Delete This Name
AbbondioItalianFrom the Late Latin Abundius, which..Delete This Name
ClaytonEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
GarvanIrishAnglicized form of Garbhan (little ..Delete This Name
'umaymaMuslim/Arab..Old yet perennially popular name de..Delete This Name
KojoAfricanAkeradini name meaning "born on Mon..Delete This Name
LangileaPolynesianThunder, the voice of the skyDelete This Name
UhilaPolynesianLightningDelete This Name
EmrysWelshWelsh form of Ambrose, an Old Fre..Delete This Name
KirillRussianDerived from the Greek Kyrillos (lo..Delete This Name
AthaliaBiblicalThe Lord is exalted. Athalia is bor..Delete This Name
CoreyIrishOf various derivations, Corey is th..Delete This Name
MansoorHinduDerived from the Arabic manswr (vic..Delete This Name
AhyokaNative Amer..Meaning "she brought happiness." Of..Delete This Name
DinganeSouth Afric..Meaning "searcher." Dingane succeed..Delete This Name
BreenaIrishMeaning "fairy palace."Delete This Name
RafiqMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from rafiq (fr..Delete This Name
AftonEnglishIndicating "from Afton, England."Delete This Name
AyakaJapaneseMeaning "appealing." Delete This Name
AbaigealIrishIrish Gaelic form of Abigail (fathe..Delete This Name
ChiranjivHinduLong-lived, one who has a long life..Delete This Name
PesekavaPolynesianA kava song. Kava is a traditional ..Delete This Name
AckerleyEnglishMeaning "oak meadow."Delete This Name
BalIndianSanskrit for "child born with lots ..Delete This Name
HelenaPolishA borrowing from the English, Helen..Delete This Name
VelmaGermanA familiar form of Vilhelmina. Delete This Name
LexiEnglishPet form of any of the various name..Delete This Name
AyofemiAfricanJoy likes me. Yoruba, NigeriaDelete This Name
MukasaUgandanMeaning "God's chief administrator...Delete This Name
NiaraAfricanA name which signifies "high purpos..Delete This Name
EduardoItalianItalian cognate of Edward (wealthy ..Delete This Name
RanjanaHinduPleasing, to worship, to adoreDelete This Name
AnnabelleEnglishCombination name composed of the na..Delete This Name
ConallScottishPopular name derived from the Celti..Delete This Name
AriHebrewDerived from the Hebrew 'an (lion)Delete This Name
IvanRussianA popular name, Ivan is the Russian..Delete This Name
IsmaelSpanishDerived from the Hebrew yishmd'e'l ..Delete This Name
DahliaEnglishA borrowing of the name of the dahl..Delete This Name
AnatoliRussianDerived from the Greek Anatolios, a..Delete This Name
DariusBiblicalA name of uncertain meaning borne b..Delete This Name
SosaiaPolynesianTongan form of Josiah (the Lord sup..Delete This Name
FaithBiblicalDerived from the Middle English fei..Delete This Name
MaureenEnglishAnglicized form of Mairin, a pet fo..Delete This Name
TrinaEnglishOriginally a short form of Katrina..Delete This Name
AbiolaAfricanOruko name meaning "born in honor, ..Delete This Name
AdrianEnglishEnglish cognate of the Latin Adrian..Delete This Name
AlexandrosGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
CrisantoSpanishDerived from the Greek chrysanthemo..Delete This Name
KeziahBiblicalCassia. The name was borne by the s..Delete This Name
OrpahBiblicalHebrew name meaning "a fawn, a ..Delete This Name
AkilinaGreekA borrowing from the Russian, Akili..Delete This Name
AktaionGreekA name meaning "an inhabitant of Ak..Delete This Name
ZuwenaAfricanGood. Swahili, E. AfricaDelete This Name
EfrainSpanishSpanish form of Ephraim, a name d..Delete This Name
CalahBiblicalThe name of one of the most ancient..Delete This Name
TishaAfrican-Ame..Short form of various names contain..Delete This Name
KedarIndianMeaning "mountain lord." Also the n..Delete This Name
IseultMythology a..Of debated origin and meaning, Iseu..Delete This Name
AhmedAfricanMuslim name derived from the Arab..Delete This Name
AdivaMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from adiva (gr..Delete This Name
BaileyEnglishTransferred use of the surname, whi..Delete This Name
KewaneeNative Amer..Prairie hen. PotawatomiDelete This Name
MarthaGreekDerived from the Aramaic rnarthd (l..Delete This Name
GivonHebrewA name that signifies "hill" or "he..Delete This Name
AkbarHinduOf uncertain meaning, Akbar was the..Delete This Name
AnilaIndianA Hindu god of the wind. Delete This Name
VeataSoutheast A..The wind. CambodiaDelete This Name
FinneganIrishMeaning "light skinned." Made famou..Delete This Name
MatthewBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew mattithyck ..Delete This Name
CooperAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
SheaIrishMeaning "fairy palace." Most often ..Delete This Name
NanetteEnglishDiminutive form of Nan, a pet for..Delete This Name
JenaHinduPopular name meaning "patience."Delete This Name
RomanSlovakFrom the Latin Romanus (a Roman),..Delete This Name
KwayeraAfricanDawn, sunrise. Ngoni, MalawiDelete This Name
MadisonAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
AndreiRussianRussian form of Andrew, a cognate..Delete This Name
VeronicaRussianOf debated origin and meaning, some..Delete This Name
TadhgIrishVery old name derived from the Gael..Delete This Name
BriannaAmericanFeminine form of Brian, a name be..Delete This Name
OctaviaEnglishCognate of the Italian Ottavia, a f..Delete This Name
FarrellIrishMeaning "heroic." Usually a surname..Delete This Name
DoireannIrishOld Gaelic name meaning "sullen." D..Delete This Name
SimonBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew shim'on (he..Delete This Name
ErvinHungarianHungarian cognate of the German Erw..Delete This Name
AlisiPolynesianTongan form of Alice (noble one). S..Delete This Name
FintanIrishAnglicized form of Fionntan (little..Delete This Name
My-KhanhSoutheast A..Beautiful stone, attractive jewelry..Delete This Name
HaraIndianMeaning "tawny." A name for Shiva t..Delete This Name
PhoenixAfrican-Ame..Derived from the Greek phoinix (pho..Delete This Name
GigiFrenchA familiar form of Georgina and ..Delete This Name
KalaudinaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Claudine, an..Delete This Name
ParameshIndianMeaning "greatest." Another name fo..Delete This Name
YaakovHebrewDerived from the Hebrew ya'aqoh (se..Delete This Name
HadleyEnglishMeaning "heather field."Delete This Name
FahimMuslim/Arab..Derived from fahim (intelligent, le..Delete This Name
KatarinaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Catherine, a c..Delete This Name
AnupaHinduIncomparable, uniqueDelete This Name
HaoChineseThe good,Delete This Name
BethanyEnglishDerived from Bet t'eina, the name o..Delete This Name
RowanEnglishMeaning "tree with red berries." Br..Delete This Name
AdelaideIrishOf English origin, means "noble" or..Delete This Name
DaytonEnglishA name that literally means "day to..Delete This Name
SiubhanScottishCognate of the Irish Siobhan, which..Delete This Name
AleksanderEstonianA form of the Greek Alexandras or..Delete This Name
JaanEstonianMeaning "follower of Christ." Jaan ..Delete This Name
KristjanEstonianMeaning "follower of Christ."Delete This Name
AthenaGreekThe goddess of wisdom in Greek myth..Delete This Name
ThembaSouth Afric..Meaning "hope." Delete This Name
TanyaRussianA pet form of Tatiana, a name ult..Delete This Name
AdrasteaMythology a..From Greek mythology, Adrastea was ..Delete This Name
CaylaHebrewAn alternate form of Kayla, which m..Delete This Name
SumanHinduCompounding of the prefix su- (good..Delete This Name
ZahirHinduDerived from the Arabic zahir (shin..Delete This Name
KanuHinduA name of Krishna, Kanu means "beau..Delete This Name
RaiJapaneseDerived from the Japanese mi-, a pr..Delete This Name
GodivaEnglishDerived from the Old English Godgif..Delete This Name
KojiJapaneseChild, littleDelete This Name
BrunoItalianA borrowing from the Germans, Bruno..Delete This Name
SuChineseMeaning "understated" or "humble." ..Delete This Name
AishaHinduDerived from the Arabic 'aisha (ali..Delete This Name
SineadIrishPopular Gaelic form of Jane, a femi..Delete This Name
EwanScottishAnglicized form of the Gaelic Eogha..Delete This Name
TallisFrenchMeaning "forest."Delete This Name
JayantHinduDerived from the Sanskrit jayanta (..Delete This Name
IsmaelPortugueseA variation upon the name Ishmael..Delete This Name
FemiNigerianMeaning "love me." Delete This Name
BeverlyEnglishMeaning "beaver stream." Well-known..Delete This Name
AliceGreekA borrowing from the English, Alice..Delete This Name
Ra'dMuslim/Arab..From ra'd (thunder),Delete This Name
SilvanosGreekFrom the Latin Silvanus (of the woo..Delete This Name
MamduhMuslim/Arab..Derived from mamdih (praised), whic..Delete This Name
CarolosGreekGreek cognate of Charles, which is ..Delete This Name
CaitrionaIrishGaelic form of Catherine (pure, uns..Delete This Name
JecoliahBiblicalThe Lord has prevailed. Jecoliah wa..Delete This Name
ArnoldGermanFrom the Old High German Aranold, a..Delete This Name
JonavaAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
KanoaHawaiianA name that means "free," as in unr..Delete This Name
VernaEnglish19th-century coinage used as a femi..Delete This Name
DanaeMythology a..From the Greek Danae (the parched o..Delete This Name
EleGreekMeaning "light." Delete This Name
ClaraScottishA borrowing from the English, Clara..Delete This Name
BlancoSpanishMeaning "shining" or "white." Delete This Name
LeonardoPortugueseFrom the Old High German Lewenhart,..Delete This Name
EthanaHebrewThis name signifies "strong" or "fi..Delete This Name
MontgomeryEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
VandanHinduSalvation,Delete This Name
AimeFrenchDerived from amee (beloved), which ..Delete This Name
AgniIndianMeaning "fire." The Hindu fire god ..Delete This Name
JadeAmericanTaken from the name of the hard, gr..Delete This Name
ZiyadMuslim/Arab..Derived from ziyada (increase, grow..Delete This Name
'alohilaniHawaiianCompound name composed from the ele..Delete This Name
FaruqMuslim/Arab..Derived from faruq (a person who di..Delete This Name
DilipHinduOf uncertain derivation, some think..Delete This Name
WitashnahNative Amer..Virginal, untouched. SiouxDelete This Name
AdamHebrewDerived from the Hebrew adama (red ..Delete This Name
CristinaPortugueseA variation upon the name Cristian..Delete This Name
AdhamhnanIrishDiminutive form of Adhamh, the Gael..Delete This Name
ChirayuHinduLong-lived, a long lifeDelete This Name
MordechaiHebrewDerived from the Hebrew mordelhai, ..Delete This Name
JoachimPolishDerived from the Hebrew Jehoiakim, ..Delete This Name
MatildaGermanMeaning "mighty battler."Delete This Name
RosaHawaiianA borrowing from the Spanish, Rosa ..Delete This Name
JamisonAfrican-Ame..Transferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
DesmondEnglishA borrowing from the Irish, Desmond..Delete This Name
LianeEnglishEnglish short form of the French El..Delete This Name
MedaNative Amer..An Ojibwa name that means "shaman" ..Delete This Name
DeborahHebrewMeaning "bee." Deborah was a great ..Delete This Name
AgaliaGreekDerived from the Greek agalia (brig..Delete This Name
AdalineAmericanA borrowing from the French, Adalin..Delete This Name
LianaHebrewA short form of Eliana, which mea..Delete This Name
SummerAmericanTaken from the name of the warmest ..Delete This Name
RussellEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
XyliaGreekDerived from the Greek xylon (wood)..Delete This Name
GuillermoSpanishOne of the most popular Spanish..Delete This Name
ShonaIrishAnglicized form of Sine, the Gaelic..Delete This Name
RoyceAmericanTransferred use of the surname mean..Delete This Name
DinaPortugueseA form of Dinah, which means "jud..Delete This Name
SerafinPolishDerived from the Ecclesiastic Late ..Delete This Name
PurnimaHinduNight of the full moon, day of the ..Delete This Name
CadmusMythology a..Derived from the Greek Kadmos (one ..Delete This Name
ZenoGreekEvolution of the. earlier Zenoe, wh..Delete This Name
OrionGreekOf uncertain etymology borne in Gre..Delete This Name
AbrahamBiblicalHebrew name meaning "father of ..Delete This Name
CassidyAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
EuniceBiblicalDerived from the Greek Eunike (good..Delete This Name
HaritaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit hari, a w..Delete This Name
EusebioSpanishDerived from Eusebios, a Late Gre..Delete This Name
LepoloPolynesianBeautiful. A name borrowed from tha..Delete This Name
CharneyAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
DarleneFrenchMeaning "little darling." Congressw..Delete This Name
VinciHungarianA form of the Latin name Victor, ..Delete This Name
AloysiusScandinavia..Of uncertain origin, Aloysius is be..Delete This Name
AshurMythology a..From Assyrian mythology, Ashur, the..Delete This Name
OdeliaHebrewPraising Jehovah, I praise GodDelete This Name
HerbertGermanMeaning "glorious soldier." Well-kn..Delete This Name
JillEnglishOriginally a short form of Jillian..Delete This Name
SvjatopolkRussianCompound name composed of the Slavo..Delete This Name
AukukinoHawaiianHawaiian form of Augustine, a dim..Delete This Name
JuwanAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage of uncertain derivat..Delete This Name
RayaHebrewFriendDelete This Name
SheridanAmericanTransferred use of the Irish surnam..Delete This Name
CadeAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
BogdanRussianCompound name derived from the Slav..Delete This Name
HalcyoneGreekDerived from the Greek alhyon (king..Delete This Name
LouisaEnglishFeminine form of Louis (famous in w..Delete This Name
KhloeGreekPopular name derived from the Greek..Delete This Name
SharmaineAmericanA form of CharmaineDelete This Name
NormanFrenchMeaning "norse-man." A name for the..Delete This Name
LamisMuslim/Arab..Derived from lamis (soft to the tou..Delete This Name
CharltonEnglishTransferred use of the surname take..Delete This Name
EilahHebrewOak treeDelete This Name
AmaliyaRussianDerived from the German Amalia (ind..Delete This Name
FilomenaSpanishDerived from the Greek Philomena, a..Delete This Name
AmentiMythology a..From Egyptian mythology, Amenti was..Delete This Name
AmphionMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by a son o..Delete This Name
AlunaKenyanLiterally means "come here." Delete This Name
MilosGreekDerived from the name of a Greek is..Delete This Name
AyindeNigerianLiterally translated as "we praised..Delete This Name
DebraGermanGerman form of Deborah, a name de..Delete This Name
AdoniaGreekFeminine form of Adonis, a name sug..Delete This Name
AmalHinduClean, pure, unsulliedDelete This Name
KaylaHebrewAn alternate form of Kaela and Kail..Delete This Name
AlvaroPortuguesePortuguese cognate of the English A..Delete This Name
LukasGermanFrom the Ecclesiastic Late Latin L..Delete This Name
SigurdMythology a..From the obsolete Old Norse Sigvor5..Delete This Name
ValuPolynesianEight. Valu is also the name of a t..Delete This Name
AischylosGreekThe ancient Greek tragedian, 526-45..Delete This Name
NasirMuslim/Arab..Derived from nasir (one who helps r..Delete This Name
AiSoutheast A..Beloved, cherished. VietnamDelete This Name
RomaMythology a..Latin name of Rome, which is named ..Delete This Name
He-RanKoreanGrace and orchidDelete This Name
ReneFrenchFrom the Late Latin Renatus, which ..Delete This Name
KhayriMuslim/Arab..From khayri (charitable, beneficent..Delete This Name
FlynnIrishA name that means "son of the red-h..Delete This Name
StanleyIrishTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
MaryAmericanDerived from the Hebrew Miryam..Delete This Name
AdannaNigerianMeaning "her father's daughter."Delete This Name
SheraHebrewMeaning "light."Delete This Name
AcenithAfricanThe name of an African goddess of l..Delete This Name
TaiwoAfricanOruko name meaning "first-born twin..Delete This Name
GrainneIrishOld name meaning "grain-goddess." G..Delete This Name
'enaHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian 'ena (red..Delete This Name
JanuarioPortugueseDerived from the Latin Januarius (o..Delete This Name
'abidaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic 'abid (wors..Delete This Name
HamzaMuslim/Arab..Old Arabic name derived from hamuza..Delete This Name
SharleneFrenchAn alternate form of Charlene, whic..Delete This Name
UtherMythology a..A name of uncertain derivation born..Delete This Name
RamanaHinduBeautiful, a woman. Derived from th..Delete This Name
WambuiKenyanMeaning "the singer of songs." Wamb..Delete This Name
RalphGermanFrom the Old Norse RaSulfr, Rathulf..Delete This Name
AchilliosGreekDerived from Achilleus, an ancient ..Delete This Name
AbichayilHebrewFather of might. The name is borne ..Delete This Name
AltairMuslim/Arab..Derived from al td'ir (the bird). T..Delete This Name
TalibAfricanDerived from the Arabic talib (seek..Delete This Name
RenJapaneseMeaning "arranger" or "water lily" ..Delete This Name
LornaEnglish19th-century coinage of English nov..Delete This Name
BernadetteFrenchFeminine diminutive form of Bernar..Delete This Name
AmirMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic amir (princ..Delete This Name
OmoredeNigerianA royal-toned name that means "prin..Delete This Name
AnaelMythology a..The name given to the archangel for..Delete This Name
SabiaIrishAnglicized form of Sive and the Gae..Delete This Name
AliceEnglishEvolved through a series of variant..Delete This Name
ZarinaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Persian zarina (go..Delete This Name
OksanaRussianPopular name of Hebrew origin meani..Delete This Name
CesarFrenchFrom the Latin Caesar, a name of un..Delete This Name
DellaEnglishModern coinage used as a feminine f..Delete This Name
CyreneMythology a..From Greek mythology, Cyrene was a ..Delete This Name
RomyFrenchA familiar form of Romaine. Actre..Delete This Name
ChandaravthIndianMeaning "moonlike" or "similar to m..Delete This Name
EstevaoPortuguesePortuguese cognate of Stephen, whic..Delete This Name
LizzyAmericanMeaning "pledged to God."Delete This Name
AdinaHebrewDelete This Name
DeliaGreekFeminine form of Delius (of Delos)...Delete This Name
TamirMuslim/Arab..Derived from tamir (one who owns ma..Delete This Name
AndyAmericanA short form of Andrea, meaning "..Delete This Name
SunilHinduCombining of the prefix su- (good) ..Delete This Name
NaniGreekVariant form of Anna (grace, gracio..Delete This Name
IldikoHungarianOf Germanic origin meaning "warrior..Delete This Name
VictorEnglishA borrowing from the Latin, Victor ..Delete This Name
TrangSoutheast A..Intelligent, knowledgeable; beautif..Delete This Name
LisaEnglishShort form of Elisabeth (God is m..Delete This Name
YushuaMuslim/Arab..Arabic variant of Joshua, which is ..Delete This Name
ChrisEnglishShort form of Christine (a Christ..Delete This Name
DeborahAmericanDerived from the Hebrew devorah (a ..Delete This Name
KietThaiMeaning "honor." Delete This Name
KalyaniHinduDerived from the Sanskrit kalyana (..Delete This Name
MireilHebrewThis name means "God spoke." Delete This Name
ZarinaHinduA borrowing from the Persian, Zarin..Delete This Name
MarcelFrenchFrom the Latin Marcellus, a diminut..Delete This Name
VeeraHinduBrave, powerful, strong,Delete This Name
BakulaIndianMeaning "flower." Delete This Name
SashaRussianA pet form of Aleksandra (defende..Delete This Name
SaskiaScandinavia..Dutch name of uncertain meaning. It..Delete This Name
BertokHungarianHungarian form of Bertram (bright..Delete This Name
PremlataHinduFrom the Sanskrit premalatd (a smal..Delete This Name
MonikaSlovakCzech form of Monica, an ancient ..Delete This Name
FineongoPolynesianThe beautiful woman, the much-talke..Delete This Name
VeaPolynesianA chiefDelete This Name
KabiitoUgandanMeaning "born while foreigners are ..Delete This Name
MartaRussianRussian form of Martha, a name deri..Delete This Name
EstellaSpanishDerived from the Latin Stella (a st..Delete This Name
YuChineseJade,Delete This Name
SorrelEnglishModern coinage taken from the name ..Delete This Name
BrentAmericanTransferred use of the English surn..Delete This Name
SundaraHinduDerived from the Sanskrit sundara (..Delete This Name
AlainaAmericanVariant form of Elaine, a French ..Delete This Name
GaryAmericanFrom the Old English Garwig (spear ..Delete This Name
SiveIrishIrish form of Sadhbh (goodness). Se..Delete This Name
JeffAmericanShort form of Jeffery and Jeffer..Delete This Name
ChantreaSoutheast A..The moon, the light of the moon. Ca..Delete This Name
IuginiaHawaiianHawaiianized form of Eugenia, a f..Delete This Name
SolomonHebrewDerived from the Hebrew shelombn (p..Delete This Name
ShirellAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage based on the name C..Delete This Name
AnnaGreekDerived from the Hebrew Hannah, whi..Delete This Name
NoorHinduFrom the Arabic nit (light), which ..Delete This Name
CliftonEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
GenaidaSpanishDerived from the Greek genes (born)..Delete This Name
IvarScandinavia..Old but perennially popular name co..Delete This Name
MajaScandinavia..Scandinavian form of Maia, the na..Delete This Name
ZahirMuslim/Arab..Popular name derived from the Arabi..Delete This Name
DulceSpanishDerived from the Latin Dulcia, whic..Delete This Name
BogdanPolishPopular compound name composed of t..Delete This Name
AmariahHebrewSaid of God. Amariah is borne in th..Delete This Name
MichaelAmericanDerived from the Hebrew mikhael..Delete This Name
KazuJapaneseFirst; obedient, disciplinedDelete This Name
RosettaItalianDiminutive form of Rosa (a rose)Delete This Name
ZenaidaSpanishGreek name meaning "pertaining ..Delete This Name
OneidaAmericanDerived from the Iroquois Oneiute (..Delete This Name
MichelangeloItalianCombination name composed of the na..Delete This Name
LetitiaEnglishDerived from the Latin laetitia (gl..Delete This Name
AgataItalianItalian form of the Greek Agathe, w..Delete This Name
EldenEnglishDelete This Name
AbishagBiblicalHebrew name meaning "wise, educ..Delete This Name
LutaloAfricanWarrior. Luganda, UgandaDelete This Name
MiliHawaiianShort form of any of the names cont..Delete This Name
RichelleAfrican-Ame..Feminine form of Richard (brave r..Delete This Name
DibiaNigerianA name that means "healer." Delete This Name
AdielHebrewOrnament of GodDelete This Name
EmmaEnglishVariant of the Germanic Erma, whi..Delete This Name
HaveaPolynesianChiefDelete This Name
FuadMuslim/Arab..Derived from fu'ad (heart)Delete This Name
AdrianaItalianFeminine form of Adriano (man fro..Delete This Name
Wicahpi-WakanNative Amer..Holy star. SiouxDelete This Name
HoracioPortugueseDerived from the Latin Horatius, an..Delete This Name
JevinAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage perhaps based on the..Delete This Name
IngridScandinavia..From an Old Norse compound name com..Delete This Name
ShobhaHinduDerived from the Sanskrit sobha (sp..Delete This Name
WardellEnglishMeaning "watchman's hill." Delete This Name
ShanleyIrishAn uncommon but traditional name me..Delete This Name
ReillyIrishMeaning "valiant." Riley 'B. B.' Ki..Delete This Name
BohuslavSlovakCompound name composed of the Slavo..Delete This Name
IongiPolynesianYoungDelete This Name
NicoletteFrenchDiminutive form of Nicole (victory ..Delete This Name
HafizMuslim/Arab..Derived from hafi.% (guardian), whi..Delete This Name
'asimMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'dsim (protector, guar..Delete This Name
SwaigeLatvianA name that means "snow." Delete This Name
LeandraGreekFeminine form of Leander (lion man)..Delete This Name
AustinAmericanContracted form of Augustine (great..Delete This Name
LunaMythology a..Directly derived from the Latin lun..Delete This Name
SaghirMuslim/Arab..Derived from saghir (short in statu..Delete This Name
PericoSpanishThe diminutive of Pedro, it was wha..Delete This Name
KokumoNigerianMeaning "this one will not die." Delete This Name
HenningGermanAn alternate form of Hendrick and H..Delete This Name
AcheronGreekA name meaning "river of woe," whic..Delete This Name
NaomiHebrewMy joy, my delight. The name Naomi ..Delete This Name
SvetlanaRussianPopular Russian name meaning "s..Delete This Name
ArkadyRussianDerived from the name of the ancien..Delete This Name
LucieFrenchA familiar form of Lucy, meaning ..Delete This Name
HermioneGreekFeminine form of Hermes, a name of ..Delete This Name
AnnetteGermanOriginally a pet form of Anne (grac..Delete This Name
KealohaHawaiianCompounding of the elements ke (one..Delete This Name
RonanIrishVery old name derived from the dimi..Delete This Name
AmiHebrewA name that signifies "my people." Delete This Name
ClaudiaBiblicalDerived from the Latin claudus (hal..Delete This Name
SylvieFrenchDerived from the Latin Silvia, a fe..Delete This Name
HinunNative Amer..Meaning "spirit of the storm." Sour..Delete This Name
MahimaHinduGreatness. Derived from the Sanskri..Delete This Name
TylerAmericanTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
AijaLatvianMeaning "song." Aija Kukule is a La..Delete This Name
DioneMythology a..Borne in Greek mythology by Titanus..Delete This Name
CliffordEnglishTransferred use of the surname orig..Delete This Name
ShamiraHebrewGuardian, defenderDelete This Name
DmitroUkrainianMasculine version of the name Demet..Delete This Name
ShannonAmericanAnglicized form of the Irish Seanan..Delete This Name
EriantheGreekCompound name composed from erdn (t..Delete This Name
MarcScottishA short form of Marcus, Marc is als..Delete This Name
VivienFrenchFrom the Latin Vivianus, a name der..Delete This Name
KamiAmericanA pet form of Kamilla, Kami is al..Delete This Name
ColtAmericanDerived from colt (a young male hor..Delete This Name
AnnieEnglishPet form of any of the various name..Delete This Name
FatuimoanaPolynesianThe hala garlands threaded to take ..Delete This Name
ElisabethBiblicalDerived from the Hebrew elisheba' (..Delete This Name
SubhashHinduDerived from the Sanskrit prefix su..Delete This Name
Alaka'iHawaiianHawaiian name meaning "guide, leade..Delete This Name
AbejeNigerianMeaning "we asked to have this one...Delete This Name
LidiyaRussianRussian cognate of the Greek Lydia..Delete This Name
NedEnglishPet form of Edward (wealthy guard..Delete This Name
MiaItalianMeaning "mine." A familiar form of ..Delete This Name
ElviraRussianA borrowing from the Spanish, Elvir..Delete This Name
AmeeHinduNectar of the gods, nectar of immor..Delete This Name
'aydaMuslim/Arab..Derived from 'd'ida (benefit), whic..Delete This Name
MurphyAmericanA borrowing from the Irish and Scot..Delete This Name
NessaIrishOriginally a pet form of Agnes (cha..Delete This Name
AbelHebrewDerived from the Hebrew hebel (brea..Delete This Name
RenoAmericanMeaning "gambler." After the city i..Delete This Name
AdhamhIrishGaelic form of Adam, a name deriv..Delete This Name
DominoGermanDerived from the Latin dominus (a m..Delete This Name
AkahanaJapaneseDerived from the elements aka (red,..Delete This Name
AkeakamaiHawaiianCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
JaniceAmericanModern variant of Jane (God is gr..Delete This Name
HubertEnglishDerived from the Germanic Huguberht..Delete This Name
HesperosGreekThe name of the evening star, which..Delete This Name
TevinAfrican-Ame..Modern coinage perhaps based on the..Delete This Name
ApostolosGreekDerived from apostolos (an apostle,..Delete This Name
SkyAmericanTaken from sky, which denotes the u..Delete This Name
AndweleAfricanGod brought me. Nyakyusa, Tanzania...Delete This Name
AbigailEnglishFrom the Hebrew Avigayil, whi..Delete This Name
ValentinSpanishDerived from the Latin ValentTnus, ..Delete This Name
MassimoItalianFrom the Latin Maximus, which is de..Delete This Name
SethGreekGreek cognate of the Hebrew Shet, a..Delete This Name
ShukriMuslim/Arab..Derived from shukri (thanks), which..Delete This Name
AnnaScandinavia..Derived from the Hebrew Hannah (g..Delete This Name
JuanitaSpanishFeminine form of the name Juan, whi..Delete This Name
YafeuAfricanBold. Fante, GhanaDelete This Name
TapasyaHinduAusterity, stern, severeDelete This Name
StefanRussianFrom the Greek Stephanos, a derivat..Delete This Name
FitzgeraldEnglishLiterally meaning "son of Gerald," ..Delete This Name
SteffanWelshWelsh cognate of Stephen (a crown, ..Delete This Name
StefanSwedishA form of Stephen, which means "a..Delete This Name
No-Pa'wallaNative Amer..Thunder fear. Osage. The name was b..Delete This Name
MielSpanishMeaning "honey." Delete This Name
TaneMythology a..The name of the Polynesian sky-god,..Delete This Name
GretelGermanPet form of Greta and Margarethe (a..Delete This Name
KaluHinduBorne by the father of Nanak, the f..Delete This Name
HonorIrishA name introduced to Ireland by the..Delete This Name
AhadiAfricanParents who believe anything is pos..Delete This Name
ShaunEnglishAnglicized form of Sean, the Gaelic..Delete This Name
LukasCzechMeaning "light."Delete This Name
HallaAfricanMeaning "unexpected gift." Hollywoo..Delete This Name
HugoPolishA borrowing from the German, Hugo i..Delete This Name
UmarHinduDerived from the Arabic 'amir (flou..Delete This Name
GauravHinduPrideDelete This Name
SantanaSpanishCompound name composed from the ele..Delete This Name
TessItalianA pet form of Therese, Tess is also..Delete This Name
UaineIrishSee Owen. Delete This Name
IonaGreekA borrowing of the name of a purple..Delete This Name
RochFrenchFrench cognate of the Italian Rocco..Delete This Name
NathifaMuslim/Arab..Derived from the Arabic nathifa (cl..Delete This Name
JoankaPolishA feminine version of John, meaning..Delete This Name
CleopatraGreekCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
BrunaItalianFeminine form of Bruno (brown). S..Delete This Name
ManasePolynesianTongan form of Manasseh (causing to..Delete This Name
FaoiltiarnaIrishCompound name composed of the eleme..Delete This Name
SurinaHinduA goddess. Derived from sura (god)Delete This Name
MyfanwyWelshAn old name of debated meaning, som..Delete This Name
TawnyAmericanDerived from tawny, which denotes a..Delete This Name
Hyun-AeKoreanComposed of elements meaning "wise,..Delete This Name
BeauEnglishA borrowing of the French, Beau is ..Delete This Name
KearaIrishMeaning "dark, black."Delete This Name
AddisonEnglishTransferred use of the surname deri..Delete This Name
ApolonioSpanishDerived from the Greek Apollon (of ..Delete This Name
ChiyokoJapaneseChild of a thousand generationsDelete This Name
RachelAfrican-Ame..Derived from the Hebrew rachel (ewe..Delete This Name
MareshaHebrewHilltop, summit. Maresha was the na..Delete This Name
ShevaHebrewHebrew name meaning "an oath."Delete This Name
TsurukoJapaneseDerived from tsuru (crane) and ko (..Delete This Name
AhigaNative Amer..Meaning "combat." From the Navajo, ..Delete This Name
PriscillaEnglishDiminutive form of the Latin Prisca..Delete This Name