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We have 1992 Baby Names beginning with the letter "A" - Showing from 456 to 490.
Name Origin Meaning Rating Fav.
AgostonHungarianHungarian form of Augustinus, a d..
AgracianaSpanishSpanish name meaning "to pardon..
AgrafenaRussianRussian form of the Latin Agrippin..
AgrippasGreekA Roman general, 63 B. C.-A. D. 12...
AgrippinaRussianAn old Roman family name derived fr..
AguNigerianMeaning "leopard."
AguedaPortugueseDerived from the Portuguese agueda ..
AguistinIrishGaelic form of Augustine, a name de..
Ah-LamChineseLike an orchid
Ah-YokaNative Amer..She who brought happiness. Cherokee..
AhadiAfricanParents who believe anything is pos..
AhalyaHinduA name borne by the wife of the gre..
AhanuNative Amer..Meaning "he laughs" in Massachusett..
AharnishHinduDay and night,
AharonHebrewThe exalted one. The name is borne ..
AhauanoPolynesianMany people
AhavaHebrewMeaning "beloved."
Ahawhyper..Native Amer..Crow name of uncertain meaning
AhawiNative Amer..Deer. Cherokee
AhigaNative Amer..Meaning "combat." From the Navajo, ..
AhilyaHinduBorne by the revered ruler Maharani..
AhimelekaHawaiianHawaiian form of Ahimelech, a nam..
AhinoamBiblicalMy brother is gracious. The name is..
AhlamMuslim/Arab..Derived from ahlam (dreams, visions..
AhmadMuslim/Arab..Highly popular name derived from ah..
AhmedAfricanMuslim name derived from the Arab..
AhmikNative Amer..Meaning "beaver." This name comes f..
AhohakoPolynesianThe stormy day
AholeleiPolynesianThe suitable day
AholoPolynesianThe day of plenty
AhomanaPolynesianThe day of thunder, day of wonders
AhonaNative Amer..Meaning "red." From the Zuni, a lan..
AhonuiHawaiianDerived from the Hawaiian ahonui (p..
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